Justhost vs hostgator review — honest blog’s experience

My story about this Justhost vs hostgator review.

It is my usual habit that in the morning when my eldest son is gone to school, i check my blog, including blog’s earning, stats, and these stuff.

Again, i have found my site shows “Connection time out” page which does not suprise me, but still make upset.

I have to make this Justhost vs hostgator post.

Justhost vs hostgator? I am familiar with both.

As i wrote in my previous posts, good cheap wordpress hosting, best blog host lists, i always put justhost above hostgator.

Even in my 125×125 sidebar ads, i put Justhost before hostgator too, i might change them after feedbacks i will hear from this justhost vs hostgator review..

I have known JustHost for almost a year now, since this blog was built for the first time. I am 1&1 users for almost 10 years for family website, and have never found any problem.

However 1&1 is quite expensive so i don’t recommend them. Using Justhost for almost a year, i am sure familiar with it, i have never found any problems except justhost’s downtimes.

With Hostgator, i am familiar with it since i am opening a free service page, and my clients use them. It means i only know hostgator for a few months, and those blogs are new, and so far i haven’t seen any hostgator down times.

So i am hoping to see more responds for this justhost vs hostgator post.

justhost vs hostgator

Justhost vs hostgator, the down time.

I am willing to change the lists about my previous posts after this justhost vs hostgator review, if i have more downtime in the future, and hear your reviews.

I just want to give honest review that can be useful for everyone who wants to start a wordpress blog but with a few budget, considering JustHost is more cheap than Hostgator.

I know that there isn’t a perfect hosting, but I hope to hear some more opinions about this justhost vs hostgator post.

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