Kindle 3g review – Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device with Free 3G + Wi-Fi

Kindle 3G review — what is Kindle?

In this kindle 3g review post we will take a look closer about what is Kindle, kindle 3g review, specs and features, since it is the best seller on the market.

The kindle 3g review title is a good question since not everyone ever had Kindle. Kindle is a reading device that has very thin form, and small dimension as big as a magazine but this package is like a luggage which you can have up to thousands books, some pdf documents and even magazines inside this one device. Very handy huh

Kindle is very popular to use nowadays, because it has these example features.

kindle 3g review

The Kindle 3G

Let’s see this kindle 3g review features:

1.You can read your PDF documents without carrying your laptop because it has a built-in PDF reader.
2.You can view web pages, and Google maps or another with Kindle because it has Auto rotating screen feature.
3. Kindle is a wireless reading device, it means you can use it to get and download your kindle books everywhere for FREE.
4. One feature like Acrobat, Kindle has a feature called, Read-to-me and Voice Guide , this device is able to read us our documents out loud. Nice!
5. A Month battery life! So can forget to bring any wires you need to load the battery for a month!

Kindle 3G review Specs

Kindle price is about: $189.00

Starting Kindle 3g review is not complete about listing Kindle 3g review of the customers, vs iPad, and features The new version of Kindle, has 50% more decent contrast than another e-reader, (means you can view your images and text better)including 21% tinier body. Which is great, eventhough the body is smaller, it still has the same dimension of the reading area, which is 6 inches.

Kindle 3G specs:

1. It has 6-inches display which is optimized with font technology, including 600×800 px resolution.

2. The size is 7.5×4.8x 0.335 (in inches)

3. Lightweight, 8.7 ounces.

4. Very slim, 1/3 of an inch!
5. It has 4GB internal storage.
6. One charge of the battery will lasts for up to a month if you have the Kindle’s wireless off.
7. 3G Connectivity + Wi-FI
8. USB 2.0 port to connevt to the Kindle’s adapter, Mac and PC.
9. Stereo audio jack and speakers.
10. It can be used for these file formats: Kindle, txt, PDF, AA, AAX, MP3, DOC, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP
11. Built-in dictionary

What is included if you buy this Kindle 3G:
1. Kindle wireless reader

2. U.S power adapter, USB 2 cable, and the battery.

3. 1 year limited warranty and service.

4. Quick start and Kindle’s use PDF guide, additional, you can access online help in multi language too.

Kindle 3G review bad and good customers reviews.

Kindle 3g review : Kindle 36 vs Ipad.

1. Weight: Because Kindle weigh 6.8 ounces, it makes Kindle lighter than iPad.

2. Readability and light: iPad is unreadable when you use it in sunlight, but Kindle does not have this proble, good reading quality in bright light.

3. Usage : iPad is much more better to read magazines, and some illustrated documents or media.Kindle is good to read a book or novel.

4. Children user friendly: iPad is better, because it supports kids gaming tool, communication tool, and Kindle only supports to read books or novels.

5. Price: iPad’s price: $449.00 and Kindle’s $189.00

Kindle 3g review – the bad Reviews:

1. A lack of organized button, including the power button to turn on and off is on the bottom of this device.

2. The organized book lists are not really good, example you can put several books in one collection, but if one book is tagged in one category, it is still appear in the main list.

3. You can’t have a screensaver.

4. Sometimes, there is a problem with the wifi connection, failed connection before it times-out.

5. Some small glares when you read a book especially when you have a lamp behind you.

6. Kindle 3G displays webbrower unclear.

7. Playing MP3 with Kindle is not a good choice, but Kindle is a reader device, afterall.

kindle 3g review

Kindle 3g review – the good reviews:

1. Amazing convenient display.

2. Simple, easy to use and efficient 5 way controller.

3. Very fast recharging time.

4. Quick page turns feature.

5. Very thin and light to have in your hand, even with a cover included.

6. Fast book delivery, mostly 60 seconds time!

7. The ability to store up to 3,000 books inside, handy to travel or working out of town.

Kindle 3G review in brief – Kindle 3G is the best e-reader you can find.

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