Kindle DX Review | White and Black Wireless Reading Device

Kindle DX Review – Overview

Kindle DX review device, Kindle DX Wireless Reading Device, Free 3G, 3G Works Globally, Graphite, 9.7″ Display with New E Ink Pearl Technology enables you to do your private and business taks, such as emailing, or reading other documents while you are on the go.

By using the first well-known reading device, Kindle DX, you can make your reading moment conveniently, since it has so many features to read lots of file formats, such as PDF files.

Kindle DX employs wireless delivery of several files, such as, Ms Word documents, PDF, Images file formats (JPEG, GIF, etc) as well as HTML and of course, TXT file.

Do you have to pay monthly for a 3G wireless device? With this Kindle DX, you can forget that problem, since it includes free 3G wireless. It simply means, you can download Kindle books without paying any monthly fee or annual contract. Very simple, yet it does not require any costs.

Kindle DX is even more powerful than we may thought, because of its Read-To-Me functionality.

If you regularly use Acrobat reader, you will know this feature too. Read-To-Me feature will read the books, news, or any blogs content loud for you as someone read them for you. This feature will work unless, the content which you read does not support it.

For more reading convenient, you can read without using your hand, because it has automatic page turns, whenever Read-To-Me features reads the content. Additionally, you can then set how fast the reading speed as well as availability to choose male voice or female voice.

The last spot you read will be automatically saved as well, so it will always be easy to get on the last spot you were at. Like listening radios in the car, you can use Kindle’s feature, which is called, Text-To-Speech which you can use while you are on the go.

kindle dx review

The Kindle DX supports basic web browser, such as Wikipedia website and Google, Web browser experience will not available in every country, checks the availability of your country here.

Using the USB, you can transfer the music files (MP3) to your PC and then you can play the file in your Kindle while you are reading, excellent reading experience!

Kindle DX review – Kindle DX Wireless Reading Device prices, and specs

Kindle dx price is $379.00

Kindle dx review Wireless Reading Device Specs:

  1. 9.7 inch screen display
  2. Dimension in inches : 10.4 x7.2 x 0.38 with 18.9 ounces weight.
  3. It does not need a computer to use.
  4. 4GB storage space
  5. Up to a week battery life.
  6. 4.5 hours charging time using U.S power adapter, it also can be charded using USB 2.0 cable via your PC.

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Kindle DX review – bad and good reviews

Bad Reviews:

  1. Very pricey.
  2. Heavier than other Kindles
  3. Awful organization for books.

Good Reviews:

  1. It can hold to 3500 books.
  2. Websites pages are displayed decent.
  3. Faster loading browser than Kindle 1 or 2
  4. Screen rotation feature is great.
  5. Displays good quality of images.

In general,  most great features are the PDF reader, the larger screen size, and the screen rotation function. Those Kindle DX review reading device functionalities will enhance your joy of reading.

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