Kindle Fire Leather Cover by Marware, Black Review; Stand Feature

Kindle Fire Leather Cover – Many Options

I was on a difficulty to get a descission on which case, also was in between trying to get an affordable cover and choosing the best case for my Kindle Fire.

You will have so many covers to choose..

I’d read a review and tried to find out that the Kindle Fire leather cover I was interested in was good enough to be purchased right away. Then I’d find out another review for the exact same item and it swear the price is really pricey as the Amazon tablet price’s percentage, which is also true.

I became unsure, for about an hour or so, I checked out the top 10 covers which are available. I considered three items, Timbuk2 Kindle Fire ENVELOPE SLEEVE Black ($20), MicroShell Folio Cover by Marware ($29), which are offered half of the price, and this Kindle Fire Leather Cover by Marware, Black.

Finally, I settled for Kindle Fire Leather Cover by Marware, Black.

Kindle Fire Leather Cover by Marware, Black with stand feature

I personally think this leather cover is excellent, I can use it with the Kindle in a stand position, easily works, and also simple for switching to that stand position mode. It offers hand strap which is elastic and very useful, you can easily slip your hand into it, so you can safely carrying your device whenever you are walking around.

The hand strap feature has a handy band externally to have the cover closed when not being used, or have it open while being use.

The stand however does take a while to figure out, in fact it’s very simple to use. Using my tablet in standing mode is my favorite thing, I can read anything hands free whenever I want to.

kindle fire leather cover

To be more specific about how to use stand feature on this Marware leather cover, you will need to figure out its corners, and I found out once I released the edges from the case’s corners for stand mode position, it would fit back conveniently once again.

The interior of this Kindle’s leather cover is made from soft suede leather, which really helps to make it luxurious as well as very comfortable to touch. Other than that, it is also made to protect your device inside, so you will feel confidence in protecting your device.

What a bit disappointing was the kind of bad smell of the material first time I used, but in my personal experience after two weeks, this smell or the remaining production odor is gone, after all, I could not really smell it unless I got the cover closer to my face.

kindle fire leather cover

Kindle Fire Leather Cover by Marware, Black Review Summary

Overall, I am happy with my purchase, yes, $44 is very expensive for a small cover, but it’s made from leather, and at least my Kindle fire is well protecting from most unwanted falls.

Also keep in mind, getting something cheaper may cost you more in the long term, particularly when your let your kids using your tablet as well.

Kindle Fire Leather Cover by Marware, Black is very nice case.

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