Kindle Fire Review |Amazon Kindle Fire Limitations and Features

Kindle Fire Review – Overview

The post today is going to details the new Amazon Kindle Fire that is very popular and is predicted to beat Apple iPad‘s sales, furthermore the price tag is incredible affordable.

It appears that the majority of technology enthusiasts want to describe the Kindle Fire as a tablet device (or Kindle tablet), although it seems that the manufacturer likes to introduce them as their latest higher end e-Reader which includes a touch-screen feature.

kindle fire

Amazon new media product

The device can be used to browse the web, and it will work with apps and multimedia which is a big plus functionality.

The fact that Amazon has a clear marketing strategy aiming at e-Reader community that will also want to enjoy “multimedia” stuff.

In my opinion, the Kindle’s fans or customers will not even want to try to “root” the new Kindle Fire or installed complicated apps into their devices.

Kindle Fire vs Apple iPad

Firstly, this Amazon device supports flash while iPad doesn’t.

iPad comes with 10 inch range display, which is bigger than Kindle Fire.

Apple iPad has definitely more apps, however I assume it will be very soon to have more apps developed for this device, since Amazon has an amazing numbers of customers and contents.

Apple’s iPad and Amazon Kindle Fire have completely different market, and we will see whether this device will be sold more than other tablets.

Kindle Fire Limitations

Amazon has their own email application instead of using Google’s accounts applications.

This simply means you will not have standard Google Android applications which are included in other “full” Android tablets.

Apps will be accessable only with Amazon apps store, and not via Google Android market.

Speaking of other capabilities, this device does not include a built-in camera so you will not be able to do skype, or video chat.

Kindle Fire Review – Cool Features of Amazon Kindle Fire

Here are some cool features of this new media device from Amazon:

1. Affordable Price

Sold at $199, I will definitely get this device as soon as as it is available, even after considering the features that it does not include, this unit is absolutely well worth the price.

2. An IPS 7″ touchscreen display with 16 million colors

Kindle Fire features a vivid 7 inch high resolution IPS display, iPad uses IPS technology too – IPS screen means better viewing angles (horizontal or vertical), and this unit has 1024 x 600 px high resolution.

Additionally, the display is extra durable, it’s built to get 20x -30x times stronger and tougher than plastic, perfectly built to avoid unintended scrapes.

3. Fast Perforamance with 1GHz dual-core processor

Featuring fast 1GHz dual-core processor (while Nook has a single core 800MHz – Kindle Fire vs Nook), this unit will offer impressive overall performance. Reading books while playing music, checking emails, or Facebook walls, or even easily download your favorite videos to your device – this unit will perform all of things you are interested in easily.

4. Amazon Silk browser – super fast browsing

Your browsing experience with this device will trump other tablets which don’t support Flash. It’s supporting Adobe Flash, and “Silk” browser is an innovatice browser which can load web content in lightning speed. (read more about silk browser here).

5. Enjoy your magazines with vibrant colors

Not only you can read your books or even children books, you can also read your preferred magazines with high quality of colors, pictures or illustrations, even enhance your reading experience with the editions that include built in video, and audio, even any other interactive elements.

6. Experience games and various Apps

Speaking of games, such as Angry Birds will be easily available to play, furthermore you will be able to download apps which are specially tested and optimized for your Amazon Kindle Fire.

7. User friendly interface

Just like the former standard Kindle e-reader, this device is intended for everyone who wants an easy to use device, starting from the navigation on your home screen, and a responsive touch to enjoy all the contents, such as read books or magazines, watch movie or TV shows, browse the web, listen and play music or games, everything is simple designed.

8. Stream more than thousands of movies or TV shows

Rent, purchase and stream the most recent movies or the most popular TV shows straight from your Kindle Fire, all of them is just one “touch” away. Although every devices will come with one month free trial of “Amazon Prime” membership to download the contant directly from Amazon’s library, you can also continue the membership, with around $79 payment annually.

9. Perfectly sized to travel

If you prefer a portable device, then this 7″ device is a perfect model for you. With 7-8 hours battery life, it’s designed to be small and portable device to be fit in your handbag or even purse.

It won’t be tiring to hold the device with your one hand as it is very light in weight.

10. Amazon “Whispersync” technology

Similar to the Kindle (including Kindle 3G) e-readers, the new Kindle Fire has “Whispersync” to sync your bookmarks, library, last page read and laste spot in a movie, without being frustated to find your last spot in a movie or a book.

kindle fire

Kindle Fire Review – Summary

This device will definitely have a chance to access much more customers, the people who would not want to get an iPad or another Android tablets, this Amazon Kindle Fire is designed for the masses.

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