Kindle Fire Tutorial and Step By Step Guides For Beginners

Why do we need Kindle Fire tutorial?

If we are discussing about Amazon Kindle Fire, the very first thing you would think is that you’re using a device which has a lot of similarities with the original Kindle e-reader model and android devices.

Even though this Amazon tablet is very easy to set up out of the box (my set up process took only a few minutes!), a lot of people want to optimize their use of their tablet.

For the users who have used Android devices before, such as Android phone, tablet etc, they will be quite familiar with some of the features.

However, this unit has Android operating system which is pretty modified by the seller, which is Amazon.

Therefore, for android beginners or even “touchscreen” devices beginners, this book will help the users going very quick.

With this book, you will feel more comfortable using your new device and explore your new gadget.

kindle fire tutorial


Using a new device is generally like using a new camera, if you want to get the very best out of your device, you will have to know how to use it properly.

The benefit of learning your new Kindle Fire with this book is while you use your device, at the same time, you can actually open your books to look for some information you may need, and this Kindle Fire tutorial is brilliantly written combined with illustrated guides to help you enjoying your device better.

Sneak peak of this Kindle Fire Tutorial Book

This book includes outstanding guides and tips very easy to follow step by step illustrated details on how to use your tablet’s feature.

Firstly, this book will guide you about the very essential Fire’s features, like how to set your device up, and then register your device (which I have already done before I bought this book!).

Next, this guide will show you how to shop for Fire’s apps (and how to use them with a chapter about “essential apps”) , tunes, movies, magazines, books, and games, and then reveals how your device does store your stuff in its library, or if you prefer, you can also store them in Amazon’s cloud, so when you need them, you can download them again whenever you want (whispersync).

Apart of teaching you how to shop many stuff mentioned above, this book will also teach you how to use another important Fire’s features, which are video player, built-in photo gallery, e-reader feature if you want to read your magazines and of course books, and also how to use the music player on the tablet.

If you currently have many songs on your computer, you also will find the details to transfer your music to your Fire tablet.

Furthermore, this Kindle Fire tutorial will also show you how you can set up your email account so you can read and write messages wherever you are on the go by using wi-fi.

For gamers, you can find a chapter where you can find which popular games that will work with your Fire, like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Plants vs Zombies, etc. With your Fire, you can play those favorite games while laying on your couch rather at your home computer which is more convenience.

Kindle Fire Tutorial – Conclusion

If you have spent your money to get ‘fire’, I would also recommend getting this essential user manual too. (it’s only $10) This book covers everything about your tablet, from basic to advance, and you will get the most out of your device.
kindle fire tutorial
It will help you to find any information (undocumented infos) you might know, and this Kindle Fire tutorial will give you step-by-step details and tricks to make Fire, easier, and more enjoyable to use, definitely will give you advantages.

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