Kindle leather cover review

Kindle leather cover, better protection and comfort!

Book lovers know that Kindle reader is one of the best and the hottest wireless reading device on the market these days, and of course it is followed by really high quality of the device itself and trustworthy service from Amazon part.

Not only Kindle is thin, user friendly and portable to be used to read any books that are available for download in seconds, but this device can be brought everywhere you go or travel since it does not require much space in your bag.

For the owners who purchase Kindle reading device (including Kindle 3G), of course it is a huge concern for them to really take care of this valuable device.

I am sure they don’t want to have some scrapes, and scratches, or even it breaks to pieces.

kindle leather cover

Hot Pink Kindle Leather Cover - Thin.

Recently, there are excellent products that are really effective to prevent the problems as stated above, it is Kindle leather cover.

The Kindle leather cover would be able to be a protection case for your device, which can shelter and protect in order to keep your valuable gadget to be still useful in the coming years.

Besides of protection, this Kindle leather cover will give the decent and better feeling when you have your device in your hands, and of course, as you can imagine, leather feels much more fine than the synthetic ones or plastic, as well as the feeling of the naked Kindle itself.

Another story which is happening to one of my family, having the case for your Kindle gives you security benefit, you will be able right away to spot your kindle when it has your special “color” case.

Although the leather one is surely a bit more costly, but it is without doubt more affordable if we think about broken or scratched Kindle we may have.

The better feeling having kindle leather cover than the platic ones, is also a plus point to choose the case.

The most amazing functionlity of the kindle leather cover is, this case has a built-in LED light which you can extend out to allow you reading your most favourite books anywhere, most people love to read in bed, and with this little tiny LED light which comes out from your Kindle leather case, your reading experience would be flawless.

How does this LED light work? does it need extra battery? the answer is no, this device does not need additional battery because it is built-in hook into the battery of your Kindle. So basically, only your kindle needs to get charged, and not the case.

Kindle leather cover -Kindle Lighted Leather Cover, Black, Burnt Orage, Chocolate Brown, Hot pink, Steel Blue, Apple Green, Burgundy Red (Fits 6″ Display, Latest Generation Kindle)

Lets have a look closer at the best amazon kindle leather cover, which allows you to choose the most nicest color in your choice, they are available in Black, Burnt Orage, Chocolate Brown, Hot pink, Steel Blue, Apple Green, Burgundy Red colors, and they are kindle 6″ leather covers.

The specs of these cases:

1. It has the LED reading light built-in, means you need to pull it out from the cover when you need the light, and if you don’t use the light, you can slide it away inside the cover, so it will be invisible if the LED light is not used.

2. The light power is coming from Kindle device, so it does not requires batteries for the power.

3. Genuine and very stylish made from leather in the exterior part. It is very soft, available in many colors, and it has interior which is made from microfiber suede for better looks and protection of your Kindle.

Kindle leather cover – Customers reviews

Bad reviews:

1. Make your Kindle’s battery life shorter, BUT only when you use the LED light too much. This is because the light power hooks into the Kindle’s battery.

2. The Weight of the Kindle and cover would be double of the Kindle itself.

Cover weight : 233 grams
Cover & Kindle: 447 grams

3. This kindle leather cover does not have carrying handle on its spine, like in bible.

Good reviews:

1. Fantastic and amazing Kindle leather cover, not only protect the Kindle itself, but it gives you very decent feeling in your hands.

2. The attached LED lights is very handy, if you need light, just pull this light out of the case, and you will be able to read books on your e-reader.

3. It gives your device more security and protections.The cover’s price is quite high, but compared with what you get in order to have a protected device, its worth buying.

2. Available in many beautiful colors.

3. Most customers report back after 3 months usage of this Kindle leather cover, and they are still extremely happy about the good quality of the leather.
kindle leather cover

For the most useful moment, is when you travel for work or holiday, and need to read in the plane, train, or even a hotel room, you can easily read with the case light of this kindle leather cover.

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