Kindle lighted cover orange – leather cover for kindle 6″

Kindle lighted cover orange — Kindle Lighted Leather Cover, Burnt Orange

Innovative kindle lighted cover orange has a relatively new design that features a light for your reading experience, whenever and wherever you might want to read your ebooks.

Since the kindle power will be connected to the kindle lighted cover LED’s light, this leather case for your kindle will not need any separated batteries.

Kindle lighted cover orange has a very soft and fine, pebble grain leather that will save your Kindle from any accidental scratches that it may have.

Especially the display screen which is very sensitive. You would not want to have any small scratches on this valuable e-reader. This leather cover is made by leather, with fold back design, in order to be able to use with one hand when you read ebooks.

kindle lighted cover orange

In the previous post, about kindle leather cover that are available in many colors (hot pink, steel blue, and others), this kindle lighted cover orange, has exactly the same features.

Only the color which is different, very refreshing to see, not to forget, stylish. You can now bring your e-reader everywhere, while you are travelling, working overseas, this Kindle lighted cover orage will not disappoint you because its LED light feature will display your screen naturally like a paper display, giving you the brightness with no glares at all.

On the Cover’s back, which is precisely on the right top corver, you will find the light.

When you need a light to read, just pull it out, it is going to illuminate for you automatically. When it is not being used or if you don’t need it, just slightly slide the light into the cover’s top corner again.

To add the Kindle security, this Kindle lighted cover orange has a hinge system that will be connecting the battery of the e-reader to the reading light. The hinge will basically generate electrical powers to make the light on, when your Kindle is connected to the case’s hinge system.

To resist from unwanted ugly corrosion, the hinge points of this Kindle lighted cover orange is made from gold which is well-known to generate a reliable electrical power for the light.

Kindle lighted cover orange price — Kindle Lighted Leather Cover, Burnt Orange

Kindle lighted cover orange price is $59.99 (free shipping).


  1. Silky leather cover, very fashionable on design.
  2. LED reading light.
  3. Automatic electricity from the Kindle device, you don’t need to purchase extra batteries.

Kindle lighted cover orange reviews

Bad reviews:

  1. It needs a while for the users to learn about the clips or hinge of this cover. Your Kindle device will be clipped into the cover using wired prongs, and when you have it done, you can pull out the light to read.
  2. Not worth the price, too expensive.
  3. The light does not really illuminate the left bottom part of the Kindle.

It is actually heavy. The kindle itself is very light, but when you use this cover you will feel almost double weight.

Good reviews:

  1. A beautiful and elegant cover.
  2. Useful light, you will have reading light on the go.
  3. The cover is very thin, and it fits well to the Kindle.
  4. Effective electricity power, you don’t need batteries for the light.
  5. Top notch leather quality, better than Apple iPad case too.
  6. Fully featured and fuctional to help you reading, even in a dark room.

See more customer reviews here about Kindle lighted cover orange.

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