Kitchen Sink WordPress – Seem Simple But Important

Kitchen Sink- simple but powerful

One of question which I recently received via email, is that one of wordpress blogger asked me, why his h1,h2 heading and paragraph button is gone from his post box.

It started when he wanted to write an article, he uses the “Visual” tab, and usually when he wants to add h1 h2 headings tag, he can just press a button which soon he realized was gone.

This case is sometimes happening to me too, but luckily I know where to bring this button back.

Yes, by clicking that button, you will hide and re-display the additional buttons in your post box.

It does sound very simple, but of course by reading that email, simple stuff in wordpress can be quite confusing for some bloggers, especially those who are new and expected a simplicity and yet it does not appear as they hoped for.

Personally, I have no idea why these buttons are not displayed there permanently, because those buttons are helpful.

Kitchen Sink WordPress Simple Feature

So when you haven’t clicked this button yet, since you have installed wordpress, you might miss so many useful and helpful buttons that can help you formating your article.

Apart of paragraph, and heading tags, you will also find, underline, aligning, coloring your font, pasting as plain text into your blog, pasting as word document, removing formatting, inserting custom character to your post, outdent/indent, undo/redo, and help buttons.

Here is the screenshot of the 13 buttons that is by default hidden in wordpress.

kitchen sink

The 13 buttons that can be hidden because of "kitchen sink"

Honestly, some of them I really rarely use, such as the paste from plain text or word, and the removing formatting, also the outdent/indent buttons.

But the others are to me very helpful, and I still use frequently whenever I am writing my blog post.

Where is the kitchen sink button?

As you can see above, there are 13 buttons are hidden when this kitchen sink button is not clicked.

So if you have ever wonder where the kitchen sink button, it is actually placed next to “toggle fullscreen mode” button.

See this screenshot:

kitchen sink

Kitchen sink button.

The red highlighted button is the kitchen sink that you can use to hide or display those 13 useful buttons.

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