Le Pan TC 970 Review |Le Pan TC 970 9.7-Inch Multi-Touch LCD Google Android Tablet PC

Le Pan TC 970 Review – At Glance

Honestly, I was a bit worried of this Le Pan TC 970 tablet PC because it is not one of those high end tablets however after 5 weeks using it I have to say this tablet is the best one for the price! (got it at $149)

I personally think the multi touch screen is decent. Viewing angles is great, and it is a capacitive screen, yes it has a truly capacitive screen which is nice.

Although I am not an expert or a geek, but this tablet works very well..Connecting to Wifi was very easy, be it from my home or even office where I work everyday.

le pan tc 970
Le Pan Tablet PC

In the past, I have tested my office building wifi signal with my laptops, and I was actually never able to connect with a strong usable signal, but I was surprisingly able to access, and install Angry birds with this Le Pan TC 970 tablet.

I have not used this device for not even a month, but I am quite familiar with Android user interface, because of a few tabs I have used in the past, Android operating system is just awesome, once you know how to use it.

Le Pan TC 970 Tablet Pc Specs and Limitations

I wish it run Honeycomb (it runs Android 2.2) but for this price, this unit is the right one for me, as I am not a hardcore user of Android.

My other disappointment is playing Netflix video.

Firstly, this tablet does not have a pre-installed Netflix app, but I went to Android market and installed it, it does run, however, the image quality is disappointing.

Thinking about rooting this Le Pan TC 970 tablet, but I guess I will not succeed.

My biggest disappointment is it has very little accessories, for instance case, but iPad case will work, just need to stretch it a bit.

If you are looking for a decent Android tablet at this price point to do your emails, playing Angry Birds and accessing your Facebook account, I definitely recommend it.

But if you are an Android hardcore user, and need all of the best and whistles, then I would suggest to wait for Le Pan tablet with honeycomb OS or from other brands.

This Google Android tablet PC does its job very well out of the box. Apple iPad 2 is cool, Galaxy tab is nice, but this tablet is also nice, and most important, a few hundred bucks less!

Le Pan TC 970 Review – Summary

Overall, this product was a no brainer purchase for a tablet with ARM Cortex-A8 Core processor, 2MP front-facing camera and a capacitive screen.

le pan tc 970

Another important feature to mention is the battery life. Browsing internet with the wifi on and playing games, I got 8-9 hours battery life, which is really amazing.

It also includes built-in GPS navigator feature that can be used through Google, which means, when you turn the GPS on, and type where you are at, it will download the route from Google to your tablet via wifi.

This Le Pan TC 970 tablet pc is an awesome little device that I find very helpful with $300 less than Apple iPad, and it has many standard features, it is a great purchase!

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