Lenovo a700 review – Lenovo ideacentre series 40244bu

Lenovo a700 — Luxury multimedia desktop.

I remember a while back when i first moved to Europe, and went shopping, i saw a desktop with a touchscreen. I was like, wow, i wanted to have that too.

It is indeed a very special multimedia touch screen technology, and lenovo a 700 is a worth getting. (see my other post about lenovo ideapad laptop)

It is like all in one package with a bunch of great technology capabilities and tools.

Everything, for example, HD full screen- completed with touchscreen system, intel core processor, built-in speakers (Dolby home theater) are built within lenovo a700.

It indeed seems like a sophiscated machine, but lenovo a700 is enabling you to have all in one PC with a very simple access, an easy system tool to use.

The powerful intel core processor enhance its performance, special “thank you” to Intel’s Turbo Boost Technology.

lenovo a700

From the reviews i have digged around, this machine is really fast and of course using it, you will need to say good by to your slower computer that you have ever used.

What really amazes me, is it has complete features and packed in one product, more advance technology is used to built this machine -very practical yet lenovo a700 does save your working space.

Lenovo a700 specs and features.

Let’s see lenovo a700 Ideacentre Series 40244BU Desktop specs:

1.23-inch Full-HD widescreendisplay.
2. An Intel processor, which is Intel Core i5-460M, with 3MB cache and 2 cores.
3. It has 4G Random Access Memory (RAM).
4. Including 500 GB Hardrive with 7200 rpm, also including DVDRW.
5. It has 512 MB Graphics RAM for the display.
6. For lenovo a700 connectivity as well as Ports, it has 6 USB ports, 1 posrt FW (FireWire).
7. Windows 7 Home Premium is included (64 Bit).
8. Lenovo a700 in this series weigh 32.6 pounds.


Lenovo a700 bad and good reviews.

Bad review:

1. Because it has USB slots in the back, it is not too easy to plugin your USB, however it is not a big deal if you have a right place for it.

2. There is a delay or slownesss on bluetooth connectivity, especially on bluetooth keyboard.

3. The DVD player can’t be used as a blu-ray player.

4. Settings button such as volume setting, and screen settings are known for some people that they are not always running, example, the volume speakers sometimes stay on the screen, and can’t get them disappeared.

Good reviews:

1. You don’t need wires to work with a desktop.

2. 23-inch for a desktop is a big one. Very fast to respond if you want to view your images and watch video with a big HD screen.

3. Clear, and great quality of sharpness of Lenovo a700 screen. Video cam, movies, games are delivered with stunning entertainment video card and fast processor.

4. Fast performance for daily computer tasks, for your Ms Office works, and another activities because it is powered by Intel i5 processor.

5. Stunning Touch-screen display technology.

6. Very handy and a worth purchasing for those who do not have big working table or space, since it is all in one PC.

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