Lenovo G570 Review |Lenovo G570 43344QU 15.6-Inch Laptop (Black)

Lenovo G570 Review – G570 43344QU model

Firstly, I bought this Lenovo laptop because I saw the specs, exactly what I was searching for, and costs under $400 bucks.

This unit is replacing my loyal HP notebook which was dead and I felt it was time to look another laptop, affordable priced but reliable workhorse for regular use but not too demanding.

This laptop provides great value for under $400.

It is really a truly basic entry level with intel pentium B940 dual-core processor but surprisingly, it has more capabilities than I thought.

lenovo g570
Fn key placement

A laptop in this price there should be any downsides? Yes, definitely.

The function key (Fn key) is placed where I am used to press the “Ctrl” key and, being an intense user who press a lot of ctrl+ C (or +V) for copying and pasting, the FN key placement is a sort of incovience to me.

Eventhough using this Lenovo G570 43344QU for over than two weeks now, I still press the wrong Fn key.

Other than the Function key, this machine does not include HDMI slot, which is still fine to me, but might be a drawback for others.

Lenovo G570 43344QU Specs

Overall, starting with appearance, the case looks a bit cheap, but in fact it is studier than other low budget laptops I have ever seen.

Of course, I would not expect this unit to survive if it is dropped onto a really hard surface, but who would?

To me, the casing is really pleasant with its steady tilt for the 15″ screen, well designed so that if you close it accidentally, or left almost closed, the laptop’s lid will close on its own.

Surprisingly, there were not much preinstalled bloatware, so after unboxing you can easily run the machine, and the set up is very quick for general usage.

This Lenovo G570 43344QU 15.6-Inch Laptop (Black) arrived with pre-installed Antivirus security computer software. Though it was from a good antivirus company, I just uninstalled it, and replacing it with my preferred antivirus software.

There is also a computer program called, Lenovo Veriface, allowing you logging in to Windows by using sort of face recognition, sounds like real fun to begin with but I discovered after using it for a few weeks, it is a bit of pain.

Performance wise, the Intel pentium dual-core B940 processor and the 4gb of DDR3 RAM are definitely more than adequate for everyone who is not doing extensive gaming.

The 500GB hdd is more than enough for anyone just like me who does not store a large amount of multimedia data files however, if you can always use an external drive in the future in case you will need lots of storage.

This unit works very fast for internet browsing, whether you use a dongle or your wifi spot at home, whilst still being pretty fast even I was simultaneously browsing the web, also editing an MS office file and even listening to music too.

It does really exactly what is actually expected of it until now. I mostly use this unit to download music, working with documents, basic games, browsing the net and watching films.

The display itself is super bright, and Windows 7 operating system will dims the screen automatically before completely switched off if it detects none uses your laptop.

I really love the keyboard, since it has a separate numpad, definitely a big plus, especially when I want to type passwords, I can easily use the numpad on the right, instead using the number keys above the QWERTY keys.

The battery life, although it is unremarkable but it is farily adequate. I haven’t tested the battery life seriously, but I was getting 4-5 hours with balance setting.

lenovo g570

Lenovo G570 Review – Summary

In summary, not simply is this an excellent notebook, it truly has a fantastic price.

The solid keyboard with a number pad that I always find extremely helpful on laptops.

If you’re searching to get a laptop which has a good specs and want it under $400 then simply look no further, Lenovo G570 43344QU is nice laptop for the price.

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