Lenovo G770 Review |Lenovo G770 10372KU 17.3-Inch Laptop (Dark Brown)

Lenovo G770 10372KU Review – At Glance

Appearance wise, the Lenovo G770 10372KU 17.3-Inch Laptop (Dark Brown) looks a bit minimalist.

It does not look like much when you look at it for the first time, it does not have too much buttons nor lights, but this is why I think it looks really good.

And what is on the machine that really counts.

After you logged in to the laptop for the first time, you will get a password to login. (got it at $599.00!)

It includes a very cool feature, Veriface, which will recognize your face and you cannot fool it with another faces! It did even recognize my face with my glasses on, surprisingly.

You will also have the ability to use your login password in a lower light condition.

Lenovo G770 10372KU Specs and Features

Hardware wise, this Lenovo G770 10372KU is a workhorse, powered by 2.3GHz 2nd generation of Core i5 -2410M processor, 750GB hdd, 6GB of RAM, a blu-ray drive, on and on.

The best part is the interegated two graphics card in the machine, a 1GB Radeon combined with Intel HD graphic chip, which will automatically switched depending on what you are doing in this computer.

It is really a plus for those like myself who want to use a laptop for gaming.

lenovo g770

Lenovo G770

There is also a USB 3.0 in this Lenovo laptop, and to me it is a must have because I do alot of file transferring. Using USB 3.0 is obviously a lot faster than using USB 2.0.

The 17 inch display is very clean, bright and have nice viewing angles, the videos or images quality is crisp and vivid, but it has the glossy screen, so the reflections might be a problem for others

Keyboard has excellent layout. Each laptop keyboard differs from the others it doesn’t matter what they are saying.

But typing on this Lenovo laptop G770 10372KU model is so much ease, it has nice sized keys, and alot of space between the keys, it certainly does its job really well, include the numpad too.

The wireless connectivity, wifi works straightforward, no issues at all. I am having a high speed with my wireless internet which is shared via my mobile phone. (tested and got 4.5Mbit/s)

Running applications with this Lenovo G770 10372KU is amazing, they are all loaded blazing fast, even when you are running them all at once.

I have Ms word, Adobe photoshop, and Chrome web browser opened in different tab, and all of them works great.

Browsing internet is really nice, because everything loads up in seconds.

The built-in 2.0MP webcam works with Skype briliantly, I have also tried it with video conferencing, and it works a treat. The sound is just great for a laptop, there is nothing more to say.

I have not timed the battery life accurately, but I use the “Balance” setting and I was getting 3-4 hours, not bad for a laptop, and I guess by lowering the settings, I would get a better battery life but I am pleased with the battery life so far.

lenovo g770

Lenovo G770 10372KU Review Summary

This Lenovo G770 10372KU 17.3-Inch Laptop is an amazing machine for the price.

You will not get a 2nd of i5 processor this good cheaper elsewhere and the 6GB of RAM says it all.

Other laptops with the same specs will cost you at least double than this laptop, I can honestly say I would recommend this Lenovo G770 10372KU as this machine is extremely affordable i5 17 inch laptop.

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