Lenovo ideapad g550 review 15.6 lenovo 2958-9pu laptop

Lenovo ideapad g550 — introducing a fine laptop from Lenovo.

Lenovo ideapad g550 2958-9pu is a good laptop with a very reasonable price. (see related post: lenovo multimedia keyboard and remote review)

Because it has Intel pentium dual core processor, you would be satisfied with its ability to have brilliant performance for your daily online and offline activities.

Lenovo ideapad g550 2958-9pu has a feature called OneKey Rescue System.

What it does is it gives you ability to do easy backup of your datas and doing recovery proccess as well, so less time to worry about data loss.

Lenovo ideapad g550 is developed by Lenovo, the top ThinkPad makers.

This 15.6 inch netbook is known as a fun laptop, you can use this machine to listen your favourite music with its stereo speakers and also viewing your memorable videos on the display which is widescreen.

Lenovo ideapad g550 has a software which is called, veriface facial recognition software that is used to recognise your face and use it as a password.

Lenovo ideapad g550 specs and features.

Let’s list Lenovo ideapad g550 2958-9pu laptop specs:

1. It has Intel pentium processor dual core T4500, so it runs fast with affordable price.
2. 4GB RAM with DDR3 memory.
3. SATA hard drive with 250GB 5400rpm.
4. 15.6 inch display with HD LED backlight which supports 16:9 widescreen.
5. Windows 7 Home premium genuine is included.
6. 4500M Intel Graphics Media Accelerator.
7. WebCam built-in.
8. DVD writer and reader.
9. HQ stereo speakers.
10. Gaming and logging keypad abilities.
11. Battery (6 cell) life until 4.5 hours.
12. 3 usb ports.
13. Built-in Ethernet.
14. OneKey Rescue System for your data backup and recovery.
15. VeriFace facial recognition is included.
16. MS Office trial.

Lenovo ideapad g550 negative and postive reviews.

Lenovo ideapad g550 2958-9pu laptop price is $529.99

Negative reviews:
1. Built in speakers which has low volume, but it works fine if you use headphone or wireless speakers which can be connected extra.

2. Sensitive touchpad, however you can disable Lenovo ideapad g550 touchpad with hitting your FN and F8 keys.

3. It does not suppport media card reader, which you don’t necessarily need if you are not going to use it as a media pc.

4. It does not come with its manual driver or DVD guide, you have to downloaded extra.

5. It can’t read blueray.

6. It does not have an external volume control button.

Positive reviews:

1. Performance speed, even if you use this machine everyday, browsing in internet, play musics, and movies.

2. 15.6-Inch Laptop display, which is decent feature with “wide and large feeling” to work with multiple tasks all at once.
This laptop has excellent quality of display because it has a feature which is a battery symbol on the right bottom, and you can use it adjust the brightness of your display to get clearer pictures quality.

3. Comfortable weight and size.

It weigh only 5.95 pounds, so suitable for students as well.

4. Battery life which enable you to watch long movies for a few hours without interuption.

5. Responsive keyboard keys and touchpad.

5. If you work alot with MS Excel this laptop has a small number pad that can be a great help.

Affordable price for the money with a sturdy machine built-in – Lenovo ideapad g550 2958-9pu laptop.

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