Lenovo multimedia keyboard and remote review and price

Lenovo multimedia keyboard and remote prices comparison.

If you are looking a keyboard and mouse all in one as a single item, you will be shocked with Lenovo multimedia keyboard and remote.

Not only because the installation is completely easy, the price is awesome, it is so cheap, under 50$.

Most of keyboard and mouse all in one prices are above 100$, as i surfed in amazon yesterday, but Lenovo multimedia keyboard and remote is indeed affordable.

The Logitech S 510, wireless keyboard and mouse all in one, my old one was broken so i looked around about this combo.

I have also checked Logitech dinovo, but it costs above 120$.

Apart of talking about the prices, they are also handy if you want to own something like hometeather desktops.

Let’s see this Lenovo multimedia keyboard and remote specs.

1. Lenovo multimedia keyboard and remote is a 2.4GHz of wireless keyboard and mouse combo.

Keyboard keys are quick to respond, works well 100% without buying extra driver, which is the most important.

2. The size or dimension is perferct to operate (palmed-sized)

3. It works out of the box, compatible with Windows 7, vista, and Win XP.

4. It has 1 year warranty.

Lenovo multimedia keyboard and remote bad and good reviews.

Bad Reviews:

1. The weight is awfully light, so that it looks like a “cheap” stuff and a toy.

But if you do not care about the cheap look, then don’t let the weight bothers you.

2. The trackball (scrolling ball part of the mouse) unit is extremely small, therefore whenever you want to click a button, you will end moving the mouse..

3. It is impossible to press the keyboard keys because it  does not have backlit that can be useful if you search for this device in the dark place.

It’s very often we watch our home theatre PC in the dark place and it would be extremely useful if we find glowing buttons of a device.

4. Different with the usual keyboard, Lenovo multimedia keyboard and remote does not enable you to hit F1, F2..etc keys, because it does not have them.

This means if you do need those keys while you are enjoying your home theatre on PC, you will need to plugin your keyboard which has those keys extra..which really can be frustating.

5. Poor signal range.

Though it only happens if you have your PC about seven feet away from you, if it is nearer, then you can find the signal as a real breeze..

Other than that this device is a real affordable for an all in ONE keyboard and remote unit.

Good Reviews:

1.  It is comfortable to have in your hand, because of its size.

2. The price is awefully affordable compared with the other products.

3. Compatible with most of Windows operating system.

4. Fast installation that everybody can do.

5. No need extra drivers.

6. You can use it as the most tiniest USB key receiver. It works better than the bigger ones.

7.To save your battery, thanks God it has on and off switch. Just don’t let it On when you don’t use it for a period of time.

Lenovo multimedia keyboard and remote is a useful device.

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