Lenovo Y570 08622MU Review |Lenovo Y570 08622MU 15.6-Inch Laptop (Dusk Black)

Lenovo Y570 08622MU Overview

A few weeks ago, I purchased this Lenovo Y570 08622MU laptop.

Aand I always wanted Lenovo laptop because their devices are solid and reliable, this unit is no exception.

After using this laptop for several weeks now, here are my observation and thoughts about this 15.6 inch laptop.

Overal quality build, this notebook does feel solid, that was my very first impression.

lenovo y570 08622mu
Lenovo Y570 08622MU

The unit itself doesn’t feel cheap at all. (got it at $749)

You will feel the solid build from the laptop’s edges to the center, all has dusk black finish, and I haven’t found any flex issue.

The laptop is sturdy, and the fan runs very quite, almost no noise. (you can always change the setting via BIOS).

Lenovo Y570 08622MU Specs and features

Performance wise; Intel core i5 – 2410m (second generation) is definitely plenty processing power for my basic and more demanding computing.

It’s more than enouh for me to work with Microsoft Office, browsing web, edit and watching movies, etc.

The nVidia geforce gt55m discrete graphics, 1gig of dedicated DDR5 vRAM, and 4gigs of RAM is are great specs to take advantage of the 64-bit Windows 7, and in my opinion the minium RAM to work with 64 bit Operating System is 4gigs.

The 15.6 inch screen has 1366 x 768pixels resolution, which is HD, and has LED backlit, sharp and good deal for that price.

It’s also a quite bright, even I have it on 75% brightness setting, and it was beautifully clear.

However be ware, because it does have glossy screen rather than a matte display.

I personally would rather have a matte display but these days, most laptops come with glossy, apparently glossy displays are standard.

For gaming, multimedia, and entertainment however, glossy screen is an advantage, since it can capture the color and the resolutions of your games better over the matter screen.

And on the other hand, the laptops which have matte screen are better for office work, generally, those non- gaming tasks, they are simply having no glares, which are easier on your eyes.

lenovo y570 08622mu
The DVD drive

The full sized keyboard is included. Typically IBM keyboard, it is great, big enough and very solid to type speedily.

Also, it doesn’t flex in comparison to other laptops in this price. The numeric pad is also included.

The DVD/CD drive runs very well, it can write DVDs or CDs. Furthermore, I find the drive runs almost without noises whenever you run a DVD.

The built-in webcam is standard, it has 2.0mp webcam, which is also higher resolution than my Asus netbook, it is more adequate for the purpose.

The sound quality of this Lenovo Y570 08622MU is surprisingly very good! the speaker is really clear, loud, and nice whenever you want to listen music without using your earphone. But by using earphone, the sound quality is way better because you can actually listen the sound in depths.

The peripherals, it comes with 4x USB ports, HDMI, and also has blueetoth.

Battery life is surprisingly long, I was getting 5-6 hours battery life for easy computing use, and around 3 hours for intensive gaming. More than average.

lenovo y570 08622mu

Lenovo Y570 08622MU Review – Summary

My pros; 4gig ram, 2nd generation of i5 Sandy bridge processor, 750gb hdd, 2mp webcam, and LED backlit 15.6 screen.

My only con is the glossy screen.

I totally recommend this Lenovo Y570 08622MU laptop to everyone who prefer the IBM or lenovo producrs, this Lenovo Y570 08622MU is definitely a trully underrated unit.

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