Lenovo Z570 Review |Lenovo Z570 10243ZU 15.6-Inch Laptop (Grey Metal)

Lenovo Z570 Review – Z570 10243ZU Grey Metal

I bought this Lenovo Z570 10243ZU 15.6-Inch Laptop mostly to use it for browsing the internet in my room exactly where it really is not convenient to use a desktop computer unit.

On top of that, I was thinking it might be great to get a device which is a bit more efficient to use while I am doing my documents or even spread sheets.

Surprisingly, this laptop has impressive power along with great features packed together in to this valuable machine. (got it at $630.00)

I realised I was happy to get this machine which was not really loaded with the excessive amount of bloatwares which I wanted to get rid of.

lenovo z570

Lenovo Z570 10243ZU

Actually, right after half an hour approximately configuring Windows 7 operating system and I could connect to the wi-fi network almost immediately, and loading those websites were really fast.

I believe, this Lenovo laptop could possibly be the most affordable intel Core i5 laptop out there, solid body from metal that really doesn’t feel low-priced device at all.

Lenovo Z570 10243ZU specs and features

The display quality is absolutely clear, and 15 inch size is large enough if you want to watch movies and videos on it. It is actually watchable with nearly any kind of angles.

Furthermore, this Lenovo laptop does have a big 750 gb of hard disk, keyboard keys are very smooth to type on and amazingly responsive.

The quality of the sound system is ok and additionally I was really a little annoyed by losing a fingerprint reader before I noticed that this Lenovo Z570 10243ZU got built-in facial recognition application named as Lenovo VeriFace feature that activates the built-in webcam and then it will put a sort of circle stuff all around my right eye and also will log yourself on completely on its own (automatic). This feature impresses me!

The mouspad has pebbled surface, I like it, but I needed a while to get used to, and I also like the number keys on the keyboard.

This machine has blu-ray combo drive, and has huge 6gigs of ram, which is exactly what I needed.

For gaming, honestly, I am not a heavy gamer, but I have played the Sims 2 for hours using the highest setting and this machine handles it without apparent issues.

The battery life is faitly good, approximentally 4.5 hours when I don’t play heavy games.

Lenovo Z570 10243ZU Review Summary

In terms of the extra specs things go, for instance the RAM and performances, all of I can say is that this laptop responds very well. I don’t get any terrible display when the operation attempt to meet up with my demands. It is pretty much all smooth, also fast. And I definitely have fun with the extra Lenovo Veriface feature..

lenovo z570

Lenovo Z570 10243ZU is a excellent buy for that price tag, elegant and fast laptop which has a top notch processor chip just for 1/2 of the retail price I have paid for most laptops.

Overall, I really love this laptop! I would definitely recommend Lenovo Z570 10243ZU to anyone who want a top notch i5 processor, 750gb hdd and with 6gb of memory.

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