LePan 2 vs iPad 2: The difference

LePan 2 vs iPad

LePan 2 tablet has been out for a couple months now, and a lot of people actually want to know the comparison between the Le Pan II tablet and the iPad 2, this is why this LePan 2 vs iPad 2 article will try to help you which one will suit your tablet need.

Let’s begin this article with the obvious difference of these tablets, which is the price! The Le Pan II is sold at around $270 and the iPad is sold at around $480, almost 1/2 the price of iPad!

LePan 2 vs iPad: Difference

The operating system, the Le Pan tablet is running Android Operating System, and the iPad 2 is running iOS, which means, Le Pan II supports Adobe flash, and the iPad 2 doesn’t.

lepan 2 vs ipad

lepan 2 vs ipad

If you are an iOS device users (iPhone or other Apple’s products), you should know that iOS limits user experience with iTunes. In the other hand, Android OS gives you freedom to customize or personalize your device. Both iOS and Android are no brainer, and intuitive for their users, however, the apps organization on Apple devices are better and more elegant.

LePan 2 vs iPad 2lepan ii vs ipad 2ipad vs lepan
Operating SystemAndroid 3.2 (ICS upgradable)Apple’s iOS
CPU1.2GHz Dual-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon1GHz Dual-core Apple’s A5 processor
Storage8GB (expandable)16GB, 32GB, or 64GB (not expandable)
Display9.7 inches IPS capacitive screen9.7 inches IPS capacitive screen
Expandable Memoryx
Rear-Facing Camerax
Thickness12.2 mm8.8 mm
Weight1.4 pounds1.3 pounds

For example, if you use iPad, you will find all of your apps in the home page in a sliding carousel. Here, you can groud a few apps all together, by dragging them one by one, and drop them into an app which will become a folder.

In the other hand, on Android device, like this Le Pan tablet, you actually choose and pull your apps onto the sliding start page’s carousel.

Next is the processor, the iPad 2 has 1GHz Dual-core Apple’s A5 processor where as LePan 2 has 1.2GHz Dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, this means, the speed between the two tablets is significantly different. The LePan 2 loads applications faster and gives better graphics quality, which is important for people who love to play games on their tablets.

The iPad 2 has 512MB of RAM where the Le Pan II has 1GB of RAM. From here on, it’s already obvious that you will have more RAM with the Le Pan than the iPad, and the more RAM you have, the better experience and overall performance you will get.

The screen, both of the tablets have the same 9.7 inches IPS capacitive screen with 1024×768 screen resolution, so there is no difference at this point, both of them have the same 4:3 aspect ratio which is perfect to browse web pages.

There are three versions of iPads in storage sizes points, which are 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB versions (with no ability to expand the storage), where the LePan tablet has only 8GB version storage size, however the Le Pan tablet has a MicroSD slot to expand the storage up to 32GB.

There are some more features on both tablet that are exactly the same such as both of them do have Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Compass, Bluetooth 2.1 and GPS.

Now for the feature that the iPad 2 has and the Le Pan 2 doesn’t have, is the Rear-Facing camera.

Also, at this point, the iPad 2 includes 2 cameras, which is a front-facing camera, and a rear-facing camera. The front-facing camera is a VGA type with 720p rear-camera to take high quality pictures or videos wherever you are on the go, or even to chat with your friends or family because it does have Face Time ability.

In terms of thickness, the iPad 2 is slightly thinner at only 8.8 mm, where the Le Pan is 12.2 mm, that means iPad 2 is also lighter. While iPad 2 is lighter than the Le Pan tablet, Apple’s iPad has longer battery life, which is approximately 10 hours vs 7 hours for Le Pan.

LePan 2 vs iPad: Conclusion

To summarize this LePan 2 vs iPad 2 article, I also put a comparison table above which will help you to know the difference between the two tablets.

I guess that’s everything you should know about LePan 2 vs iPad 2, if you want to have the easiest tablet to use, I recommend iPad, because it has easiest user interface, and it supports video calling. Also Apple’s app store is a lot larget than Android markets.

But if you would like to have a tablet which runs Honeycomb and upgradable to ICS anytime soon with a very reasonable price ($200 vs $400) the Le Pan II is definitely a little gem.

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