Library on Mac Lion OS

Mac OS X Lion is the newest Operating System which is powered Apple’s products that are released in 2011, such iMac, MBP, MBA, etc, honestly, since I am now using the Lion OS only a few days, so I can’t really see the big difference yet, but I already noticed a few difference while on the use, for a small example, finding the Library on Lion is quite tricky, unless you change the setting in Finder!

Because I am currently using the iMac MC309LL/A (European version) I could not find Library folder on Lion. This is definitely not only “European” version machine, but also anything which is powered by Lion OS.

The folder structure or hierarchy is somehow very different then the hierarchy on Snow Leopard Operating System.

When you open Finder for the first time, you will be seeing your “favorite” sidebar.

Here is the screenshot if you open your “Finder”. As you can see in the attached screenshot, if you search, you can’t find “Library” folder.

To find library folder, you can do these following steps and alternatives;

Alternative no. 1 to find Library on Lion

1. In Finder, look at the menu bar, find “Go”, and then scroll down, find “Go To Folder”.

library lion

Go - Go To Folder

2. Type this : ~/library and hit “Go” button.

library lion

type this command

3. You will see your folders in Library.

library folder lion

"Library" folder

4. If you need this folder often, you can put it on your Finder’s sidebar, by doing this:
– On the top, click on “show icons in columns” icon. You’ll see the folder structure like in Leopard OS.

library folder lion

Where the Library folder Lion OS

– Copy the “Library” folder to your “favorite” sidebar of you Finder by drag and drop it.

Alternative no. 2 to find Library on Lion

1. Instead of using the top menu of Finder, you can use keyboard shortcuts, which is holding, “Shift + cmd + G” keys at the same time.
2. Follow the same steps above (start from step no 2).

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