Like and then Unlike on Facebook

Like and Unlike feature on Facebook

Many many times, things can happen accidentally, offline and even online.

For Facebook users, (who doesn’t use FB nowadays?) there is like feature that you can use if something, it can be a picture, a video, etc, is interesting for you. (related: view facebook profile as someone else)

Like myself, this morning, I was still sleepy, and accidentally, click “Like” button in someone’s picture, and this person is a friend of my friend, but not mine.

I was like, blaming my mobile phone’s screen, because it was not big enough, that I really didn’t see there was Like button.

Will the person know I clicked “Unlike” button?

After clicking that button, surely, I wanted to “Unlike” because first, I don’t know that person, and this person is not in my friend’s list.

Therefore, I unliked the picture, but then I was thinking, “will this person know I unlike the picture?”.

like unlike facebook

The "Like" button

I then asked my closest friend on FB to test this out. She liked one of my pictures then unliked it again, and here is what I noticed;

When you press Like button, the owner of the picture will get instant notification on the top, saying you just clicked the “Like” button on his or her picture.

However, if you “Unlike” after clicking “Like” this person will not get another notification, so this person will not know you unliked the picture, UNLESS he or she checked the picture, and noticed, your name is not there anymore.

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