Link Anchor Text -Hyperlink backlinking explained

Link Anchor Text is important SEO factor

Link Anchor text is one of a lots of important factors which can give you benefit in Search Engine Optimizations of your blog or website.

I have recently checked my Google webmaster tools, and checked about my links another websites, that have been created by either myself, or other people and my readers who found some of my blog posts are helpful.

I did cross check with a backlink checker website, and almost half of my backlinks are having “kimi” as Link anchor text. Is it bad? I don’t think it is bad, because it makes links natural.

What I mean by this, is surely I am having Link achor text as “wordpress video tutorials” or “wordpress videos”, but I also have some “non-keywords” link anchor text.

This is because I want to make my links appear to be more naturals, and not all the same.

For instance I have about 500 backlinks, and all of them are having exact same keywords, I am sure those links will be very “suspicious” to Google bots, and I guess I would be considered as spamming.

What is actually Link Anchor Text?

Link anchor text is actually when you create hyperlink text, and you put your keywords that you want to rank in it.

They can be made inside posts, pages, or your signature in forums, and not to forget dofollow blog commenting.

When I was new at blogging and its SEO technique, I did not have any ideas about this, but link anchor text still works until today in SEO.

Link Anchor Text explanation and examples

Let’s create an example, for example, I want to rank for a keyword, “wordpress videos”, in this case when I comment or create an article for a backlink, I would hyperlink that keywords with this blog URL.

This will look like this:

Kimi from wordpress videos

If we take a look at the source HTML code, it will look like this:

<a title=”wordpress videos” href=””>wordpress videos</a>

link anchor text

link anchor text

From the picture, here is my thought

1. The title, if you use my seo plugin recommendation, you will be notified if you don’t have an italic or bold keywords in your posts. This is the same with images, you should have keyword in the alt attribute. And title of a link is also important.

2. The web address of website or blog, that you want to rank for the related keywords as an link anchor text which is “wordpress videos” in this case (picture).

3. This is the keyword that you want to rank, so whenever Google bot crawls that link, especially, if that link is dofollow, and from related niche, this will be a better backlinking method, or called, quality backlink.

I hope you really will take benefit for your link anchor text, do not forget to include your keywords in your hyperlink whenever you put comment in a blog, as you name and URL, like, “yourname@keyword1 keyword2” as a SEO method for backlink.

Especially when you purchase a link or submitting articles to article directory websites, and even putting your signature in forums, using link anchor text is very important, although we should not attempt to spam people.

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