Link Exchange in blogging and SEO ranking

Link Exchange can increase your SERP ranking.

Nowadays, being a blogger on the internet is not easy, due to the competitors who always look for ways to be on the first page of Search Engines (especially Google), the competition is getting harder each day..

Link exchange is one method that you can use to achieve better SERP ranking, but it has to be done properly.

Link exchange is when you exchange the links of a website to another website that belongs to someone else.

Or if you have budget, you can buy different IP address or pay another webhost, and build some blogs, and link them to each other.

Don’t overdo it though, Google is smart!.

It reminds me of a few months ago, when my PR went up from PR0 to PR4, so many people sent me emails to do link exchange.

The thing is, it is not as simple as it seems, when we want to do it properly or correctly, we have first to know, are those links relevant to our site’s content?

If those site links are not relevant with our blog’s content, it has a big possibility that Search Engines like Google, does not like that non-relevant link, and there is always a bad effect, such as loosing your search engine result page (SERP) ranking, which of course, none wants it.

So how is the best way to do link exchange?

The best way is one way link from a relevant site, and respectable site. How can we get it? You can get it either by buying links, or your content is really good, and those sites will automatically give you a link.

To purchase those links, you can check the site, and see if there is a kind of “advertise here” link, where you can purchase the links which are usually containing your anchor text, which is very important.

The most natural exchanging links are actually a way link

Avoid “prohibited” link exchange:

1. Avoid doing link exchange too much all at once. Search Engines will actually notice when you do it all of sudden and when it does not seem to be natural.

link exchange

Again, those links are best to be relevant links.

2. Avoid doing it with a links farms sites. What are actually these links farming sites? These sites are actually requiring you to sign up or pay monthly or yearly, so that your links will be added, but there are already thousands links are on that sites.

In this case, those added links are irrelevant, it can even be from po**no websites or some other “not good” environtment sites.

3. Avoid abusing your anchor text as the links keyword.

If you want to try these exchanges, you should differ your anchor text, and not all the same. Make them different, the more different the better.

4. Avoid forcing yourself to get them, don’t rush!

As I mention previously, writing emails, asking for link exchange can take some times, and instead of doing it, you can actually write contents that most people need, and you will be amazed with the result.

People will be linking to some of your articles, without being asked, and they must have interest and similar topics as your blog, and this is the best, a way link, and relevant.

I only can recommend do a link exchange but do it naturally, and try not to force it or rush it, and when you do it, try to get a way link.

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