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List your friend on Facebook – recently I have a small issue with Facebook.

It’s not a big issue however, whenever I noticed it, I want to make it better.

My friend lists were all categorized as “friends”.

So, whenever I uploaded some pictures, family, kids pictures, all of them could see my pictures, and some of them comments too.

Some of friends are Germans, and the rest are Indonesian, and when they comment, they comment in their languages.

The Germans use German, and the Indonesian ones use Indonesian language.

It’s not the issue, but when it comes to culture, then we have some differences.

For example, my Indonesian friends, when someone “Like” their pictures, we “should” say thanks. We should, but we don’t have to.

This is because the “Thanks” is considered to be friendlier and more polite.

And the Germans, whenever there is a new like, and a new “thanks for the thumb” word, is just annoying. They don’t need that.

So because of one of this, I thought, listing friends on Facebook on different friends categories might be better.

Thankfully, Facebook settings are easy to tweak and customize, once you know how. Also you can take a look this Facebook Friends Lists reference.

This is how I categorized my friends on Facebook

This tutorial was done with the “old” Facebook not with the Timeline, if you already use the timeline, you can go to the last paragraph to this post.

1. You’re logged into Facebook.

2. Click your profile name on the top.

list facebook friends
Profile name on the top

3. Now, you will see your friends list. Click “Friends” link, and you will see the lists of your friends.

list facebook friends
Your friends list

4. On the right area, next to the name of your friends, there is a check box, followed by “Friends” button. When you hover it, you will see something like, “Close Friends”, “Acquaintances”, “Restricted” and many options in a drop down menu like in this screenshot, choose “New List..” to create a new category friends.

facebook friends category
Create a new friends category

5. In this demo, I type, “HS Friends” as a new category, stands for, “High School Friends”, and don’t forget to hit “Enter” key if you’re done.

categorize facebook friends
Type the name of your category and hit "Enter" key when you're done!

If you categorize a friend in this new “HS Friends” list, it will be checked.

List Your Friends on Facebook with the new Facebook or Timeline

1. Same step, log in into your account, and click “profile name”.

2. You will see the thumbnails of your friends pictures, click the “Friends” label below these small thumbnails.

list facebook friends new facebook
Click "friends" button below the pics thumbnails

3. You will see all of your friends pictures, and next to it is the name, hover the name.

Inside a little box, hover the “Friends” button, and drop down menu will show up, click on “Show All List..” to create a new category, do like in the step 5 above.

list facebook friends new facebook
Click "Show All List.." to create a new one

After hitting the Enter key, you will be able to share specific info or pictures to your friends based on the categories friend lists.

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  1. says

    hmm..I also followed these steps & added my friends in different groups. So it is easier to share with different group friends :)