Load gradient (.grd) into Photoshop

How to load gradient file extension or .grd into Photoshop Video.

So you have downloaded a free .grd or gradient file from the internet and have no idea how to use it?

A .grd file can be opened with adobe photoshop, and adobe photoshop element as well.

If the files came in .zip file, extract it with winrar or any other application.

Then you can copy or move that .grd file to this path (if you are windows user)

C:\Documents and Settings/yourusername/Application Data/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CS4/Adobe Photoshop CS4 Settings/Presets/Gradients
//For Mac users, move the .grd file to the application folder.

In the video i skip this step, but it still worked if you do following:

1. Open Your Photoshop, select gradient tool in the left toolbar.
2. In the left top, find the option bar of the gradient menu, and click “load”
3. Browse to your saved .grd file and click ok.
4. If you did it all correctly the new .grd or new graduent will be listed in your regular gradient lists.

If it’s more easier for you to watch a video,this photoshop gradient tutorial video will guide you how to load .grd gradient file extension.

It’s easy as you might think!
Watch the video!

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