Locked out of wordpress — solution

Few things that can cause you are locked out of wordpress.

Every wordpress bloggers have ever been locked out of wordpress blogs. Especially if you do not save your password or username in your browser’s settings.

It is not recommended to save those infos, especially if many people use the same computer.

If you have more than one or multiple blogs, you will be more often encounter this situation.

You forgot your login username and password. Or which is often i read from forums, people who build their blogs, and then for some specific period of times, they never used it, once they want to login, they put incorrect login and password.

Many reasons why you are locked out of wordpress blog.

Locked out of wordpress how to fix, what to do.

When you enter wrong login username or password, wordpress will notify you this short error message: “ERROR: Invalid username. Lost your password?”.

First time i was locked out of wordpress and received this message, because i have changed my username. (see my video about how to change wordpress admin username).

locked out of wordpress

The error login message.

There are two ways you can do to fix it:

1. Click the “lost your password” link. This will enable you receiving email that you can use to reset your password.

WordPress will then ask you to confirm that you lost your password with this notification; “To reset your password visit the following address, otherwise just ignore this email and nothing will happen.”

2. Go straight to phpmyAdmin, check what your username is, and change the password from database.

The best way i would do if i am locked out of wordpress.

I usually go to my phpMyAdmin in cPanel and reset my password there.

I have posted video tutorial, step by step, how you reset wordpress password via database and the solutions to fix “can’t access wp-admin” situations.

One thing you should note, that, if you are not the admin, and you have followed the step 1 above, sending email that you forgot your login infos, and still can’t login, you should contact the admin of the blog.

It is possible that the admin set up only their IP address can access login area via .htaccess file.

I hope the video tutorial how to fix if you are locked out of wordpress, can help.

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