Mac os basic training video tutorial switching from windows to mac

Mac os basic training — everything is different on mac!

Mac os basic training, if i am talking about it, i remember the first day i have my mac.

It is really different and difficult to explain but indeed also difficult to begin if you are new to mac especially if you don’t have some Mac os basic training, just switch from windows to Mac OS.

So after you purchased your brand new Mac, you probably think it is very difficult because for example, you have been using PC for a long time.

Mac os basic training

Wise saying, everything is possible is indeed true. As long as you have a strong will to learn (same as learn to start wordpress blog, including installing wordpress locally on mac) it is very easy once you are used to it.

The problem is when you are a busy working person, you will need to get used to Mac fastly otherwise you will waste so much time, therefore having this Mac os basic training DVD is a big advantage and time saver.

Mac os basic training Windows vs Mac.

Before having Mac os basic training , these small examples how things on windows and Mac work, should be a start of your Mac os basic training.

The huge different is, on Windows, when you start your PC on, you will find start button on the right left of your screen to find all your programs, history of document, and so forth..

mac os basic training

On mac, you will easily search for your programs on the doc, or finder feature.

What so cool about docks, you can adjust the position anywhere you like to have it.

On bottom of your screen, left side, right side, easy to change its position.

Another huge different is about Vista vs Mac, the search box.

In vista, when i searched for something, i can do that in easy way too, by typing my keyword in the search box (on start menu) but the result is terribly confusing..

Different with Mac, almost same method, searching your files or emails, anything in the spotlight on the top right corner of your screen, and the result is much better than on Vista.

Those are small difference examples if you just switch from Windows to Mac.

It depends on the individual’s opinion, but with Mac os basic training you will learn faster. I am slowly used to Mac, however i still love to use my Vista too.

Mac os basic training — What I like about Mac features.

My favourite feature of Mac that I really like, is how so much easier and faster to install a program or application, you will see this on the Mac os basic training DVD.

You just drag and drop the program icon into the application folder. It is so much faster since we don’t need to extract all the files or confirm where we can save that program, just a few clicks and all is installed well.

Also the time machine feature is really great, to backup our datas based on time.

The awesome look of Mac’s hardwares are also a plus value. The simplicity of having iMac without needing lots of space is also a benefit of using Mac.

This Mac os basic training video DVD should help you and everyone you love who are using the same Mac as you, will learn fast about Mac os basic training.

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