Mac OS Lion Downloading So Slow Fix

Yesterday, I was downloading a big file of an application trial, and found out that my system downloads this file very very slow.

It was so slow that you would think there was something wrong.

At first, I thought, “How can downloading on a mac is much slower than on a PC?”

Yes, I am at the moment using both Windows and Mac system, so I sometimes notice a few difference on a few things.

The difference in this case, was, I use my internet cable on my Windows based computer, and I run (downloading) the mac using Wi-fi wireless.

I can’t really remember the file size that I download, but it said, I would need 3 hours (3 hours!) to complete the download process.

The same download on my PC would not need that long, I know because I also download the same application for my other PC.

To Fix the “Mac OS Lion Downloading So Slow” problem

Now, this case of mine, can be different than yours, I mean the wifi signal of my provider can be slower and weaker than yours.

However, if you have this similar problem with your mac, you can try this fix.

It’s very easy, don’t download with wifi wireless connection, use normal internet cord.

To turn of your wifi, easily look for wifi icon on the top bar (on the screen top right), and select, “Turn Wifi Off”.

Here is the screenshot:

slow downloading lion

Turning wifi off

I noticed a big improvement, and was able to download things as I used to.

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