MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro 2011 [ MBA vs MBP ]

When we have to discuss, about Apple macbook air vs macbook pro especially the models which were release at the end of 2011, you should consider many factors to be a part of the process of making a decision.

Is the size of the hard disk important when we discuss about Macbook air vs Macbook Pro? this simply means, if you really have a lot of files and documents, so you will need more space.

One thing to remember, noawadays, the size of a hard drive of a MacBook isn’t really necessary as it used to be. There is ‘the cloud’ possibility for your storage alternative.

The other factors is the speed of the Processor, if the speed difference is important to you, the size and form factor, extendable memory, and the lacking of connectors and ports.

The difference – MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro 2011

I personally use a late 2011 13″ MacBook Pro at work, and use a late 2011 13″ 1.7 GHz MBA (4GB, 256GB- MC965LL/A model) quite extensively whenever I am in the go. So whenever I am in the office, I really have an experience to compare these devices.

macbook air vs macbook pro

In my opinion, if you are a computer user who uses your laptop for business or work, you will probably miss the lacking of Ethernet port, built-in optical drive (CD/DVD drive) and Kensington slot. But you still can purchase a seperate SuperDrive which costs around $70 or alternatively the drive sharing feature on MBA will work easily too.

Personally, I really can’t remember when the last time I did use an optical drive on a laptop (I will just use my home desktop if I need a DVD drive), but yes, I know some users out there really still use it.

The MBA does not include a FireWire (FW) ports, but you can use one SD-card slot which came with 13-inch Air. FireWire port is not a must-have feature for most users including myself, because I can always use my laptop’s SD card reader.

Now, let’s take a look at a very important factor regarding this MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro war which is the screen resolution. The 13″ MBA’s screen has actually higher resolution than the same sized 13″ MBP. The Air also has a better and higher pixels density, so it’s more comfortable on the eyes, a 13″ Air feels like a 15″ Mac Book Pro.

Additionally, if you want to have a bigger screen, the 11″ Air is completely capable to run a Display (Apple’s) with the new Thunderbolt port or it was called, “miniDisplay” in the past. I know it because I run a 27″ Thunderbolt Apple display, and played high resolution game like WoW, and it worked beautifully even with minimum setting.

In processor speed, since the MBA includes Intel’s i5 series, I don’t really notice the processing speed’s difference.

MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro 2011 – SSD

A really important note here is the Air’s SSD (Solid State Drive). The SSSD makes computers astoundingly fast because it starts up and does wake up extremely quick. SSD makes MBA really fast.

Actually you can visit a local store, and test the responsiveness difference, do not even bother to discuss price difference regarding MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air without including the additional for adding SSD to the MBP.

My Air runs all of my programs astoundingly fast while VMWare is running on the top.

The Mac Book Air is ultra portable and ultra lightweight laptop. The portability is really great for business users who travel a lot and students, basically for users who just want to check their emails, surf the Internet and light work with their documents.

There are a lot of differences with these two laptops, and some pro users would definitely notice, and basic users wouldn’t.

I think SSD and portability are my important features of the Air, so I really feel convenient to carry it around without carrying a bulkier laptop.

It really depends on what you want to do with your machine, but to me if you really look for a portable and fast machine, there isn’t any reasons to get a Mac Book Pro if you could buy an Air, you won’t be disappointed.

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