Macbook or macbook pro — which one should i buy?

Macbook or macbook pro — How to compare?

Although i am a windows person, that can hardly leave my windows vista (though i agree vista is terrible sometimes) but i just can’t get used to a Mac.

I am creating this post, because i have just lent my mac pro to my brother in law before he decides on buying macbook or macbook pro for himself.

He actually has never used a Mac, this is why i told him to borrow mine so he can see the difference between mac and windows, before he gets some training on Mac basic before switching from PC.

I understand it can be a bit frustating to make decission which one we whould get, a macbook or macbook pro?.

macbook or macbook pro

Well, macbook or macbook pro, both of them are really fantastic notebooks that are worth to get, but they do still have the difference, that can be helpful informations which one of them we actually need.

To compare them, you can actually see all the reviews on Amazon, or other reviews websites and i am sure after all reviews which are provided, we can come to conclusion, that macbook or macbook pro is really a quality laptop to choose. Does not matter which one..

Considering Mac has more easier maintenance point, about spyware, antivirus, and stability than PC..

Macbook or macbook pro — which one should i buy?

In many electronics buying tips, (see more on best brand LCD monitor post), this matter is always depending on what you are going to need it for.

For example, if you use it mostly for internet, working with office works, typing, all those stuff, then Macbook is just fine.

But if you want to use it for your working things, example for layout design, video and multimedia related files editing, then Macbook Pro is a better choice, since Macbook Pro display dimensions are available on 13, 15, and 17-inch. Macbook has only 13-inch screen which i personally think, its too small for your media related works.

In the budget point, macbook or macbook pro, depends on the money you have. For Macbook, it will cost about $999 and Macbook Pro with the same size is about $ 1.199, so 200$ different. With this money, you can actually buy other things, but macbook or macbook pro? further about the difference between these both great laptops.

Macbook or macbook pro — The difference about their specs.

13-inch MacBook Pro
Macbook Pro

The similarities of Macbook and macbook pro.

1. Both are well-liked, its well-known that most customers give good review on Amazon or other sites.

2. Both have built in LED backlits on their screens, DVD burners, MagSafe adapter, ethernet posrt, audio in/out, Kensington slot, two USB slots, mini displayport.

3. Both are more stable than Pcs, once you buy them, Mac OS X Snow Leopard operating system, recent version of iLife Software suites is included in the package.

Eventhough people love macbook or macbook pro, because they both are great laptops, i would like to list these difference that i hope it can help you to make a decission of macbook or macbook pro which one you should get.

The difference, macbook or macbook pro?

1. About $ 200 price difference.

Macbook = $ 999 ($ 943.99 from Amazon, used from: $ 600).

Macbook Pro = $ 1,199 ( $ 1,138.99 from Amazon, used from: $1,015.00).

I personally would go for Macbook Pro because of this $ 200, but if i buy with my husband, he definitely will suggest me to buy the Macbook. Yep, your budget counts.

2. Macbook Pro’s backlit keyboard.
If you are the typical night owl, that often works at night time, less light, then Macbook pro is a decent machine, since it has backlit keyboard, so it gives you a little light while you are working in a darker room.

3. Macbook Pro 2 USB ports plus FireWire or FW 800 port, which can be very handy if you working abroad or in another city that mostly using wifi because its connectivity.

4. Macbook Pro has alumunium case, that make the look more elegant (not plastic, with white case like Macbook has), and lighter than Macbook.

If you have $200 more, macbook or macbook pro? i would go for Macbook Pro or above features.

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