Macbook Pro 2011 release date and new features?

Macbook Pro 2011 — we all expect an update

Apple Macbooks or any other Apple’s products are known to have a reliable reputation, windows users can’t deny this. Eventhough i did need a long time to get better used to mac with Mac basic tutorial – switch from PC to mac that i can find on Internet.

While people, especially those who are confused choosing Macbook or Macbook pro, which one they should buy, the other expect to buy Macbook Pro 2011 this year.

The reason to get Macbook Pro 2011 is of course because this new product is expected to be much more better than the recent MBP (MacBook Pro).

Since iPhone is a like fire product to sell out there, it is predictable that Apple will release Macbook Pro 2011 “a little bit later” than iPhone as well as iPad.

Macbook Pro 2011 new features rumors

Apple is famous to have public waits and play guessing about all the new products. This is what usually happening when we want to know or predict Apple’s product news and updates.

The latest rumors of Macbook Pro 2011 new features, Apple Macbook Pro 2011 will be changed over up to 512GB SSD solid hard drive. It is also rumored that the new Macbook Pro 2011 will not have its optical drive anymore (which i don’t hope so!).

macbook pro 2011

I am the typical person who most of the time need to convert Movies to DVD (especially for my grandmother LOL), i find the DVDs slot is very for people who are in Asia or any other countries which still have slow internet connection, it is very helpful to have the DVD slot..

By the way, the new significant feature is rumored to be the Light-Peak technology, extremely high-speed data transfer feature. I am really curious with this light peak thing, if it is really help with combination of USB, audio, SATA and Firewire, then it will be realy great.

From the design part, it is predicted that of course the new MBP will weigh lots more lighter than the recent versions. The screen size- however will predicted to stay the same, from 13-inch, 15, and 17-inch.

Which macbook you should buy is definitely depending how you will carry it, for example, for student, the 13-inch is more handy because it fits nicely in most bags, however if your class needs media editing such as images, and movies editing the bigger screen size the better. (related post on this: which and how to choose to buy macbook pro)

Macbook Pro 2011 release date

As it is mentioned above, it is not easy to guess when exactly is Macbook Pro 2011 release date.

Noone knows about it, someone knows a bit of the news from someone inside Apple’s company, it does not mean that info is true either.

macbook pro 2011

But according to the rumor and informations that i collect online, new Macbook Pro release date will be around April 2011, latest middle of Summer 2011. So basically you can save your money for a few months and get the new MBP and its new Mac OS X Lion.

Here is my expectations for the new MBP:

1. I hope it will really come with the lighter weight.
2. It will have more battery power life..
3. Same price with the current version which i don’t think so, i think its definitely more expensive..
4. Support flash application.

That’s all i expect, what about you?

Are you waiting for the new Macbook Pro 2011?

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