MacBook Pro 2012 Release Date, New Features – Redesign?

Everyone cannot wait for the next rumoured MacBook Pro 2012 release date, it can be named something else, like MacBook Pro Air, or anything this machine will be called.

I personally own a 2011 MC700LL/A MBP model, and it still has done the job very well, performing everything I need perfectly until today, so it’s kind of hard to consider about an upgrade when the new model will be released, but most people including myself always want a new Mac model whenever the new version is released.

I have been using my MBP every day for almost a year now, which I upgraded the RAM, and SSD drive, it has been doing heavy animation and some of design works with Adobe programs such as After Effects, etc, always take it with me everytime I go, like on the train, and plugged in to a bigger screen when I am at home, as well as carelessly thrown it in to my bag.

And about the DVD/CD drive, I have probably use about 0 time this far.

As for the MBP users, they have been really waiting for Apple to eliminate the MBP’s DVD drive to make the machine a lot thinnner, and lighter (seriously, do they still need the Pro’s form factor to be more thin or more light?) , as well as including SSD as its primary storage.

They also hope that Apple will be producing 17-inch and 15-inch Mac Book Airs.

Eventhough an upgrade would be real nice with the optical drive removal, many people don’t really care for the optical drives as long as there will be an option for a 1440×900 IPS matter screen, a dedicated GPU, putting in the Air’s SSD and improvement of the battery life.

macbook pro 2012 release date

MBP 2011

When is the MacBook Pro 2012 Release Date?

As I mentioned previously, I bought MC700LL/A model in February, last year, and if someone now is still using the 2007 MBP, and thinking about upgrading to 2011 model, they will definitely think whether to purchase the 2011 model or defer their decision until the MacBook Pro 2012 release date comes.

Then since Apple does not reveal all the release dates of their new products, there are always rumors and speculations.

And the new MacBook Pro 2012 release date is expected to be between February – April of 2012.

April of 2012 would be definitely so close to the iPad 3 release date estimation which is sometime in March of 2012, so the speculation can mean that Apple would have three product released this year, which is iPad 3 in March, MBP lines in April, and iPhone 5 in September.

Why is it predicted in February till April though? Actually, April is when the Intel’s new Ivy Bride (IVB) processors will be released.

And because Apple is usually getting Intel’s new stuff earlier, the MacBook Pro 2012 release date could happen soon this month. (February 2012).

What are the MacBook Pro 2012 New Features Speculations?

Apart of re-design, the new lines of MBP will use new Intel’s processor, which Ivy Bridge.

Ivy Bridge will bring better graphics improvement, faster CPU performance (around 17% from the Sandy Bridge for the clock performance improvement), and a lot better battery life.

Here are the speculations of MBP 2012 new main features:

  1. USB 3 ( Because Intel’s Ivy Bridge new processor will be including USB 3 to Intel’s chipsets)
  2. SSD (replacing the Optical Drive)
  3. Better and longer battery life ( As a result of the two CPU efficiency and larger battery).
  4. Updated CPU or Mainboard with quad option in 13-inch products (due to the Ivy Bridge, it will have 35 W quad-cores CPU which is suitable for the 13″ Pro lines), as well as updated sound, camera system and gfx

When MacBook Pro 2012 Release Date Comes

I’m very excited for this MBP update with the IVB, however, I am assuming the current MBP lines will have about 15-20% price drop? That’s how the current models will be affected, and be efficiently replaced by the top Ivy Bridge chipped models.

We can probably hope for more thin MBP lines sticking with the same power, or having the same thinness with better power.

But I personally don’t need to have a thinner MBP but limited to Ivy Bridge’s performance and no optical drive. I for one, think that owning a 15″ or 17″ paper thin machine would seem to be very ridiculous. I don’t need them to be even thinner if they have less processor power.

What I want is a portable powered machine, not extremely restricted powered machine.

The current MBPs are already incredibly thin, and it has the right thickness.

But again, we all will have to wait until the MacBook Pro 2012 release date comes this February, and let’s hope the MBP of our dreams will be launched very soon.

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