MacBook Pro Alternative 2011-2012

Best MacBook Pro Alternative 2011-2012

There has been very interesting to know whether there are any Windows based computer that can be compared to Apple’s MacBook Pro 15 inch..

The well known products from Apple have been dominating computer market in the last years, due to its top design and reliable performance.

However, apart of being reliable and stable laptop, MacBook Pro is also known as a very expensive computer, which make users reconsider again before making any decision whether to purchase it, or look further for the best MacBook Pro alternative.

Our MacBook Pro Alternative 2011-2012 List

After going through one computer forum to another, I have compile best MacBook Pro alternative 2011 that I believe to be excellent options to consider.

This laptop has a unibody aluminum chassis, a MBP look alike, featuring Intel Core i7-2670QM 2.2 GHz, 6GB of RAM, and 500GB hard drive (at 7200RPM).

macbook pro alternative

Furthermore, this ASUS N53SV model has NVIDIA Optmimus technology which is an extremely excellent and helpful piece of computer software which will actually switch the graphics cards either to help save power, or even offer additional graphics power if needed.

2. Dell XPS 15 inch laptop.

In style, this will not beat Apple’s MBP, but in terms of performance, this laptop is a very good performer.

Includes the newest Sandy Bridge Processor which performs much better, cooler, and far more efficient compared to the older i5 or i7 powered laptops.

For the specifications, this Dell XPS model includes 2nd generation of Intel i7 core processor, 6GB of RAM, and plenty of storage space, 750GB hard drive. Other than great specs, it is definitely more affordable than the MBP 2011.

macbook pro alternative
Dell XPS

3. Sony VAIO F2 Series.

This 16.4 inch laptop features a i7-2670QM Intel Core processor, 6GB of RAM, and a 7200RPM 640GB hard drive, delivering a good amount of storage, powerful performance as well as LED-backlit full display with 1920 x 1080 resolution for viewing any of Full HD 1080p videos.

For more multimedia use, this Sony VAIO  model features a rewritable Blu-ray Disc drive that allows you playing Blu-ray Disc videos on crystal clear picture resolution and also burning media content to BD-R and even BD-RE content and Dvd disks and CDs.

MacBook Pro Alternative 2011-2012 Summary

Searching for best MacBook Pro alternative might appear to be a a difficult task, especially for those who have been using Apple’s MBP for years.

But as PC lovers, some users have been so used to Windows based system, therefore they try to look for excellent and best MacBook Pro alternative to enhance their computing needs.

Another important point is of course the price, and depending on the requirements you need, so choose them wisely.

Every laptops have their own features and promised many “gold” features, but only a few that have both power and style which can be compared to Apple’s MBP.

If you are a current Mac user and want to switch back to PC, because you want to run some applications which only work on PC, you know you can actually run windows with Boot Camp or even VM.

There are not many MacBook Pro alternative that can be compared to Apple’s MBP, especially when it comes to construction.

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  1. Sussky Brown says

    I must say, you guys may think there is really an alternative, but trust me it isn’t. I have a PC for a desktop and I have a mac book as a lap top and a Iphone.
    When ever I need to get something creative done, I also end up going back to my mac book. The mac book processor was designed to make creative production fast and easy. If people are purchasing a mac book just to have, then I don’t see the need and going out to spend all that money, when they can purchase a regular PC. But if you need a laptop or desktop for creative purposes, then Mac is the way to go. Let’s not forget the most important fact. Mac does not get viruses. Good Morning People.

  2. Jonas says

    MacBook Pro notebooks have some features that are difficult to check just from tech specs. They are silent, stay cool, very fast to start and shut down and have realy good battery time.

    You can actually get idea about the notebook only after using it for a while. It might be it will start silent and cool, but will start to sound like vacum cleaner after watching video for 15 minutes. No way to see this just by looking through specs. When I buy a Mac I know for sure it will have all these features.

    With other manufactures – it just a luck. Maybe Lenovo notebooks are more predictable in this, but still not 100%.