Make A Copy Before Modifying Twenty Ten

How to save your modification of twenty ten if this wordpress 3.0.1 default theme does update, to avoid loosing all css style or other customizations by copying the theme folder.

I have many posts how we can customize twenty ten tutorials and it has never came to my mind about twentyten updates, (probably because i don’t use twenty ten) but today, i have tried myself today on a testblog, that if twentyten theme has updates, and we do not copy or create child themes, our all changes of modifications will be just gone.

It can be pain if whenever twenty ten updates, you have to repeat all the work again.

The solution to solve this, is I decide to copy the original theme, because it is more simple for non-techie people like myself.

So here are the steps to copy twenty ten, it is actually extremely easy.

Video Tutorial how to copy:

1. Login to your dashboard, and then appearance, themes.
Notice that you are using Twenty ten, and it says:”all of this theme’s files are located in /themes/twentyten .”

Current Theme files.

2. Next step is login to your cPanel, and find “file manager”.
3. Navigate to wp-content folder, and then themes folder.
4. Inside your themes folder, you will see twenty ten.
5. Select by ticking “TwentyTen”.

Copy button in cPanel.

6. Click “Copy” icon (no.6 in the image above).
7. In the copy dialog box, type in a name of this copied theme, in this demo, i name it “mycustomtwentyten”. (no.7 in the image). Click “Copy File(s)” button.

Giving the copy theme a name.

8. Login to your dashboard again, and see appareance, themes, you will see two of twentyten images. But notice that the file theme locations are different.
One is /theme/twentyten (below image) and the other is /themes/mycustomtwentyten. Mycustometwentyten is the current theme that comes with our customizations.

Your own copied twentyten folder.

This way, whenever the original twenty ten updates, we are save because we have our own twenty ten’s modifications.

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