Make Money On Twitter Using “Revtwt”

How you can make money online using twitter and “Revtwt”.

Who does not use Twitter nowadays? I guess most of us who are active and surf on the Internet, using twitter for many reasons. Some of them use twitter to promote their wordpress blogs, like me, or even promote their business links.

Yesterday i found a video in youtube to make money online with twitter using revtwt.  You can try this by going  to and register yourself, then start earning.


What is Revtwt anyways?

Revtwt is a site which will pay you per click on the ads you tweet, or even they will pay you for some amount of your followers.

A few tips before you register:

1. You should have 50 followers in your twitter’s account.

2 Once you are registered, read their rules.

3. Do not spam your followers with your ads. If you do this, you will loose your followers one by one.

4. The best is, choose some niches, get followers who might be interested on your niches and start tweet those ads.

5. Gaining trusts is more important, remember without followers, you won’t make money.


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