Earn or Make money Online with a simple way

Get paid to Click.

Who doesn’t want to earn or make money in internet world?. I guess we all want it. I come to believe there is no easy ways to be paid with a decent amount of money especially those who offers us to work from home. If there was one, everyone will be doing it and we all will get rich.

But out of curiousity and I also want to make money online, I try a site where we will earn money if we click some advertisements. At first I thought it was a joke or scam, but they really send me money, eventhough the amount is not worth with the time which was spent unless you have referrals, but then you will need lots of them.

However it is still one of many ways you can earn money online.

Tips to avoid scams by making money online:
1.Scams and Frauds are everywhere on the internet nowadays. So be careful. If you want to make money you will only accept sites which only ask you for this questions: your name, and email address. That’s it, not more.
2. Never ever give credit card informations, or banking informations.
I really still wish it was easy to earn money on the internet!

I am from Asia, so I know this amount of money is enough money to buy breakfast and lunch. I hope it can be a help for you.

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  1. says

    mmmm Maybe this way of making money is not worth the time spend on it! but you know that this video inspired me and give me an excellent idea, it’s not related to the topic of your video!

    Just want to thank you!

    • says

      Hey Hesham @ FamousBloggers,
      Thanks for your comment, haha I just edited the title, so i hope it fits by now :) My point was that I didn’t believe we can earn money in internet other than advertising stuff, so I tried this out. But I was bored sooner and thought, it wasted my times (just as your said). Then I tried to advertise my site so i got about 1000 visitors LOL. I noticed they were mostly from Asian countries where any cents of USD are worthy :(

      • says

        I can not deny that this way gives headaches and makes you feel dizzy after some time, I didn’t want to say that on my first comment lol!

        Actually the reason why I don’t advertise on this kind of services is it will send traffic form parts of the world that your blog is not targeting, so . probably this will hurt your blog ranking after some time!

        I completely understand what you was trying to say, and this is why I was watching the video and “not watching”! I was thinking!

        • says

          lol it was funny, because 1000 visitors just came and go without any breaks. Soon when it was done, I realized they did that because of money, not because they do want to come by. So I learnt something from it:) Good night from Germany.

    • says

      Exactly, but I did advertise my blog there, and thousand people did really come to my blog, mostly are from Asian countries, where there, any cents are worthy :) Keep in touch.

  2. xtel says

    Hmm, maybe I’ll try this if I get bored one day.

    Back in the day I used to make some money @instantprofitz.com/ but it was a lot of work for not a lot of pay out as well.

    • says

      Hey xtel, yeah i guessed i was bored and want to make money fast haha but i knew it didn’t succeed that way. Thanks for coming by and leaving a note :) What happened to your blog T_T

    • says

      Hey Chandra Wijaya, thanks for coming by, yes, it wasn’t worth my time, but if i wouldn’t try i wouldn’t know. Nowadays, if people tell they can make money, we are sure curious lol. Salam ya ;)

    • says

      @Siva, Hey, thanks for leaving a comment. Oh you also use it? yeah that site is nice, i mean it can be trusted, keep on earning Siva! :D

  3. says

    Interesting stuff. But sites like neobux ptc seems to have members earning thousands of dollars per month. This involves buying monthly referrals. Some just about break even while others make alot. I didn’t like it as you had to keep buying referrals and you won’t see profit for a good few months or more.

    • says

      @Ata, Yes, with neobux, I didn’t try longer LOL. It was too much slow for me, it wastes too much of my time.. :(

    • says

      @Sujith-Techlineinfo, Yes, it’s quite wasting of time, as it requires lots of time and small earnings, but there are still tons of people using this method ;)

      Thanks for the comment.

  4. Joynal Abedin says

    Great post for start earning some extra money online. I think PaidToCLick and Neobux is legit.
    I am also freelancing in GAF for earning some doing simple work like forum posting

    • says

      @Joynal Abedin, Yes, i guess they are legit.

      I bet forum posting, you can earn more than PTC..

      Thanks for the comment.

  5. Anna Wilson says

    Thank s for giving of valuable input, it is great post for start earning some extra money online by work in our extra time.

  6. kbharath says

    Thanks for sharing this Kimi. as per me paidtoclick.in is the best PTC site because they are paying instantly.