Make post stay on the top of wordpress home page

Post stay on the top of homepage, what does it called?

First time i knew wordpress, when the version 9.2 was released, that was my first time ever knowing wordpress, after i have tried another blogging softwares.

From my Google research result, i guess since wordpress 2.7, wordpress gives very helpful and great function that enables you to put any posts that you like the most to appear (of course after you have published them) to stay on the top of your index/home page or wherever your blog page is. (see related post, about wordpress change homepage).

If you notice in this blog, i have two of them, the post stay on the top of my wordpress site. These two posts are called sticky posts.

I set them up to show that those posts are very important to me to share them with my readers (not only to promote premium theme or plugin) but those post are really worth to apply in your blog, since i have tried and used them too.

Post stay on the top — best to understand

Creating sticky post to put a post stay on the top of your page is not complicated in the newer version of wordpress (wordpress 2.7+, if you haven’t update your blog yet, feel free to read my post, on how to upgrade your wordpress blog).

To understand wordpress coding, as usual, you can get this ebook to learn more about wordpress coding or just follow my video tutorial, but the best place to learn about the post class (because it can be called with “sticky” class to get a post stay on the top), you can always see and learn from this wordpress page, about “post_class” explained.

As far as I know, we can style using sticky class or each post ID because every posts in your wordpress blog has different IDs.

Then how can we know our post ID, the answer is very simple, if you are like me, a person who wants to try this and that in your theme files, a free firefox addon is a must have tool for this, it is called firebug.

post stay on the top

By using firebug and inspecting the post ID, you will know which post ID a post may have. The other way instead of using Firebug is to view page source, it is also easy.

Basically the coding is not too different with body class if you want to stylize each body class for customizing each pages in your blog.

If you use Thesis theme, the body class will be automatically added, you just need to stylize the individual page class in custom.css file.

Make post stay on the top of wordpress home page

I have created a simple tutorial (not in a video this time) how to make a post stay on the top of wordpress home page, which is titled, create sticky post tutorial.

In that tutorial you will discover how extremely easy for us to get a sticky post in wordpress 3, without adding manually the core code in your wordpress php file.

Make post stay on the top of wordpress home page can be easily done, with its special style if you use Twenty Ten default theme.

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