Make Summary Post In WordPress Blog Homepage

How to show or display summary of the article or post in your blog’s front page.

I have read in many forums, there are lots of people out there want to display their post summary, a few words or sentences and then following by read more, or continue reading button link.

Basically whenever you click this read more button, it will bring you to the whole length of your post or in a post page.

How do we make this post summary in front or homepage? It is actually really not complicated, and also depends on your theme file. If this following tutorial won’t work for you, feel free to contact me or leave a comment, i will check your theme file.

Steps to make post summary:

1. In your dashboard, go to posts, either click “edit” the post or “Add new” to create a new post. Type your post, optimize your post with all in seo pack plugin, if you use it.

2. Click the “Hide/show kitchen sink” button if it is not yet clicked, you will have more options.

Click Hide/Show Kitchen Sink button.

3. Place your cursor wherever you want to put read more button or summarize your post, and click the “insert more tag” button.

"More Tag" button to display post summary.

You can also switch your tab from “visual” to “html” and add this more tag manually by typing <!--more--> It will make your post displaying post summary. Or even just click “more” tab in your html post editor.

html tab, and adding the read more code.

4. Click “publish” if you create a new post or “update” button if you modify your post.

These above guides will show your wordpress blog post summary.

Video tutorial:

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