Make WordPress Theme iPhone Friendly

WordPress theme iPhone friendly; nowadays, almost everyone uses smartphones, tablets and many portable devices to access internet.

This includes accessing online information which is probably written in your blog.

The most popular smartphone is no doubt Apple’s iPhone.

A lot of smartphone users are iPhone users.

Due to this fact, WordPress plugin developers are trying to create many plugins to fit bloggers’s need, such as a WordPress theme iPhone converter plugins.

What these plugins do is actually making your blog theme to be user friendly based on user agents which are viewing your site.

For example, if an iPhone, or iPad, and Android devices visit and view your site, by default, they will see your current theme which is displayed as it is on a desktop’s browser.

This means, when I use an iPhone and visit this blog, and I want to read the whole content, I need to scroll way down because as you can imagine, a post which has 500 words character will need a long page on an iPhone’s screen.

WordPress theme iPhone Plugin – WPTouch

Honestly, I have a plugin which I have installed in my other blogs, but not this blog, and the result, the visitors can view those blogs in a mobile friendly layout.

But a few months ago, before I installed in my online blog for the first time, I installed it first on my local offline blog.

Somehow, I just have time to write this post.

This is a screenshot of my offline wordpress blog which has this plugin installed.

wordpress iphone theme

WordPress iPhone Theme

This plugin is called, WPTouch which is also listed in WordPress Plugins directory, you can either download this WordPress theme iPhone plugin from the official page, or you can just type “wptouch” in plugins – Add New – Search of your WordPress admin page.

Make WordPress theme iPhone friendly with these WP-Touch Settings

After it is installed in your blog, basically, you can just leave it by default, and it will convert your blog to be an iPhone user friendly.

The settings that I wrote in this post are basically a few settings that I modified, I left the rest to be the default settings.

General Settings.

Home Page Re-Direction – This is very important only if you have any other options to display your “home” page.

Excluded Category – I would leave it by default, unless you have one or two categories that you don’t want to show on your mobile theme later on.

Excluded Tags – Same like the “excluded categories” above.

Footer Message – I change the texts with this blog, but with other blogs, I left it by default.

Other than General Settings of this plugin, I left everything by default.

A few settings that I immediately changed, however, is the tick box to show the pages to be included in my blog mobile theme’s menu.

wordpress theme iphone


That tick boxes are placed on the bottom of your screen near the “Save Options” button, here is the screenshot.

By default, this plugin shows only your home page’s icon on the mobile version theme, and the other pages are not included, you will need to tick them on manually.

In the screenshot above, you see that my sample page is not yet included, I have to tick the box on.

In the drop down menu next to the tick box, you can the choose the icon which will be displayed on the mobile theme.

Basically, that’s all the settings that I have paid attentions a bit, though you can play around depending on your needs.

Don’t forget to click the “Save Options” button once you are done modifying the settings of the plugin.

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