Make Your WodPress Posts Go To Different Pages

How to add your wordpress blog posts to different pages instead showing all of them in home page.

If you notice, wordpress by default will put all of our posts in home page or whatever your posts page is called.

If you want for example, all posts in “reviews” will go to “Review” tab/page, and all posts in “news” will go to “news” tab/page.

Example, Sport posts go to sport page.

This can be achieved by moving all the post under “reviews” categories to the “reviews” page, same method goes with the “news” posts.

Now it also depends on your theme, do you use twentyten theme or another theme? If you use another theme, it would need a theme tweak, if you use twenty ten theme (wordpress 3.0.1 default theme) it would be much easier.

1. If you use another theme, check this wordpress tutorial, how to set your posts to different pages.
2. If you use Twenty Ten, Check this wordpress 3.0.1 tutorial, easier step to make your blog showing categories in your nav button tabs.

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