Maximum upload file size in WAMP WordPress

How to increase Maximum upload file size 2MB in WAMP server if you have WordPress in localhost or your PC?

I have spent many times, and yes, it is probably around 20 times editing php.ini files in my system and it did not work, still showed at 2MB!

Same like you at the moment probably, searching in Google, and found many guides on this, mostly editing php.ini files, or even htaccess and wp-config.php, but it mostly did not work for me.

The big problem was, I am a non techie woman, and didn’t know which php.ini file I should edit.

If you are like myself, you probably would be confused too.

maximum upload file size
2MB to 32MB

I could of give up, because it is my offline blog, however, I am very very curious about this problem’s solution.

At first, I added a file, called, php.ini in my wp-admin folder, and adding a line of code, then three line of codes, but they didn’t solve my issue.

Then, I look for php.ini in php folder inside the “bin” folder in WAMP folder of my system, then edited it, and it did not work either.

Finally, I found and was able to edit the right php ini, but many times it still shows; Maximum upload file size 8MB, no matter how many times I changed to 32MB and then I did reset my local server (in this case I am using WAMP server in Windows 7 OS). Related post: Install wordpress with wamp server on Windows 7.

Maximum upload file size Video Tutorial

Maximum upload file size 2M/8M Solution

How to solve the “Maximum upload file size 8MB” problem to “Maximum upload file size 32MB”: the steps (using Windows 7)

1. Look for WAMP server icon in the right bottom of your computer screen, the green “W” (see screenshot).

maximum upload file size
"Green W Icon" in the corner - PHP - php ini

2. Just click it (not a right click).

3. Select “PHP” folder icon in the drop down menu, then select and click “php.ini”

4. Once it is clicked, it will be automatically opened in your default text editor, in my case is it’s opened in notepad.

5. In Notepad, search for this in “search” box: post_max_size, once you find the “8M” you can change it to, for example,”32M”

exceeds the maximum upload size for this site
post max size

6. Next step, back in notepad, search for this upload_max_filesize, then change the 2M to 32M. Save the file, close the text editor.

maximum upload file size 2mb
upload max filesize

7. Very important step here, reset your WAMP server, by right-clicking the “W” icon and select, “Exit”. Refresh your blog.

This steps solved my “exceeds the maximum upload size for this site” problem with WAMP and wordpress.

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    I don’t still face this problem. But as a wordpress user, I’ll surely face this problem. Thanks for sharing this valuable content