MC769LL A Review | MC769LL/A iPad 2 Model

MC769LL A Overview

In this MC769LL A review article, I want to compare this MC769LL A  iPad model to my other devices, the Kindle, iPod Touch, Sony reader, laptop, and my older iPad generation which I finally sold in CraigList.

As we likely notice, iPad is almost a device between an digital book reader or laptop and netbook.

Although you can use MC769LL A  iPad 2 for numerous of things, it is definitely not your laptop, and doesn’t have laptop full functions.

iPad surely can do some large heavy resources computer works, but a full computer is just the right device. Got it at $ 499.99 here.

For instance, I still need and use my laptop for programming softwares, like Dreamweaver, MS visual studio or even graphics applications, such as Photoshop as well as Illustrator.

I love my other devices, (Kindle, iPod Touch, and Sony Reader) but MC769LL A  has a bigger screen and more features as well as extra functionality.

mc769ll a

My Kindle is still the best ebooks reader, but to read pdf files and documents, this device is my preferred device.

If you also have struggled to load pdfs into Sony reader or Kindle, you should try iPad MC769LL A. It reads pdf documents better, it reads documents original size, and moving or zooming can be accomplished with this tablet more quickly on the iPad when you compare it to other e-reader devices.

The screen resolution of MC769LL A  iPad 2 model, honestly, better than my older generation, fantastic for reading and viewing other graphic contents.

MC769LL A  screen is better than any other computer monitor I have used.

It won’t give much eye strain after an extended reading period.

Finally, in comparison to my iPod touch or iPhone, MC769LL A  is less portable because of its size. Eventhough it is still transportable, but I can carry iPod Touch or iPhone in my pocket to still enjoy e-reading, internet browsing, emails in a smaller screen.

But as soon as I am indoor, I get my MC769LL A iPad 2 to quick access my emails, and other pdf documents for a bigger screen.

One thing I need to point out, it is almost impossible to have MC769LL A  iPad scratch free, so it is very important to have it in a cover to avoid scratches, since it has a matte finish on its metal back. This tab is a very well designed, still looking elegant like its older generation, but it is slimmer and thinier.

Furthermore, compared with the previous model, MC769LL A . model has now two cameras. But since I use cameras mostly on skype, I barely use it.

This MC769LL A model is also performing faster, I have a lots of apps to play with, and it works flawless.

MC769LL A Price and Specs.


  1. 16GB storage
  2. Wifi Connectivity
  3. Black color
  4. 9.7-inch LED backlit widescreen multi-touch Display (includes IPS technology)
  5. 1GHz dual core A5 Apple processor
  6. Forward and Rear Facing Cameras
  7. Apple iOS 4 Operating system
  8. Size: 7.3 x 9.5 x 0.3 inches
  9. Weight: 1.3 pounds

Big advantage of having MC769LL A:.

  1. The size of the screen is as big as a piece of paper, nice to read, not like in iPhone, which has cramped screen
  2. More convenient keyboard to type with two hands, two fingers, like in a laptop, more easy
  3. Portability and convenience, you can use it to type or access your documents, notes, internet anywhere without carrying a laptop
  4. Great pictures, movies, and web browser, as great as a desktop, but very portable, on the go.

MC769LL A Review Summary.

This new generation model is a fantastic device that will meet your computing needs.

Very quick, and snappy device to write on the way, in front of TV or any places where you can’t use your laptop, MC769LL A model is recommended to anyone.

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  1. Amel says

    Hi!i just downloaded Skype on my cell phone and my husband downloaded skype on his iPad 2 with the same model and when We try to make a video call we can hear each other but not see each other he still gets the options to select video n front/back or no camera but when he picks them still no video hope u can be of help thanks!