MC815LL A Review Mac Mini 2011 |Apple Mac Mini MC815LL/A Desktop (NEWEST VERSION)

MC815LL A Review Mac Mini 2011 Model

MC815LL A – an impressive model of Mac Mini line.

I’ve been already impressed with Apple’s mac mini’s form factor since the first unit was released in 2005.

I owned a 2005, and then 2010 unit, and now Apple release the new Mac Mini MC815LL A that actually outperforms my 2010 version which led me for this upgrade or switch. (pay only $484 here)

There is a minor letdown for me, but probably a big annoyance for some people, this Apple Mac Mini MC815LL A model does not include optical drive.

It is really not a big deal for me, as I hardly need an optical drive, and because of this, I am quite satisfied that this unit is sold cheaper for not including a feature that I have really rarely use.

mc815ll a

Mac Mini MC815LL/A

This removed optical drive however, replaced with the additional amount of the hard disk, from 320GB to 500GB, it is more important to me.

The thunderbolt port is more and less unused at the moment, since there are no thunderbolt hardware available.

MC815LL A Review – Old Mac Mini vs Mac Mini 2011

But the addition of the storage, PC8500 DDR3 1066MHz to PC10600 DDR3 1333MHz RAM upgrade (still comes with 2gig of RAM), latest Bluetooth 4.0, along with i5 dual core processor are worth the switch alone.

The improvement of video and intregated processor are icing on the cake.

Appearance wise, it looks similar with the old model, be it the size, look and shape.

The Apple Mac Mini MC815LL/A Desktop (NEWEST VERSION) is packaged really nicely, and the unit itself is a lot more gorgeous than I had expected it, the Apple Mac Mini MC815LL A model is really great form factor, it hardly occupies your room, and yet very powerful for computing needs.

The MC815LL A comes with 2GB of RAM, but it is expandable up to 8GB.

Same like in the old model, if you want to upgrade the RAM, the method is still the same, twisting the bottom cover.

The back part of this unit is looking nice as well, along with its black face.

There are some ports on the back of this Mac Mini model, 4x USB 2.0 ports, HDMI, memory card slot, optical digital output/headphone output, 1x FW800, new Thunderbolt port, and so on.

mc815ll a

The included ports

Performance wise, thus far I’ve been simply amazed and impressed with this device.

With 2.3 new i5 dual core processor, I’ve run flash videos, mp3 player, photoshop and word processor in different spaces all at once, and it has not been laggy at all, and it runs super quiet.

The boots up take roughly 15-20 seconds, and sleep mode or shuts downs done almost immediately.

Because I am using it for mostly web browsing, editing/watching videos, photos, facebook and editing word documents, the 2GB of RAM is more than enough for me.

The new OS X 10.7 Lion operating system has a spectacular user interface, Mission Control, spaces, and many multi-touch features makes this MC815LL A highly usable.

mc815ll a

MC815LL A Review Mac Mini 2011 – Summary

In closing, if you really want a small device, super quiet, less power consumption, easy to set up, I would recommend to go with this Apple Mac Mini MC815LL A desktop.

Apple Mac Mini MC815LL A desktop is remarkable product, the “mini” name sounds it is a mini computer, but it has everything, not easy to describe how very much power could be packed into this small computer.

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