MC969LL A Review |MBA 2011 Apple MacBook Air MC969LL/A 11.6-Inch Laptop (NEWEST VERSION)

MC969LL A Review- At Glance

MC969LL A MBA model is the newest version of MBA (MacBook Air) builds noticeably on the sucess of the previous generation.

This Apple MacBook Air MC969LL/A 11.6-Inch Laptop (NEWEST VERSION) includes more fast processor, bigger memory, additional port, and more lightweight!

MC969LL A form factor is simply the best in its class, unbeatable laptop in the terms of design and appearance.

Quality build is just robust. The unibody enclosure which is built from Aluminium makes this MBA model very light yet solid and reliable.(got it at $939.99 here)

And my best reason to upgrade to this MC969LL A is the intel i5 processor, makes this unit fast on processing, noticably faster than the 2010 generation.

mc969ll a

MBA MC969LL/A - OS X Lion

I have used this Apple MacBook Air MC969LL A for several days now, and I am truly pleased, it is hard to describe how portable this machine is.

You can just carry it around, anywhere with you, especially since you can also use your iPhone to be a Wifi hotspot.

The reason why I went on the 11 inch MBA again was the weight and the 11 inch size factors.

I didn’t even took a look at the 13″ air, because I would lose the machine’s portability. I was thinking, when I purchase the 13″ Air, why would I not get myself a MacBook Pro?

MC969LL A Specs and Features

The 128GB SSD, Solid State Drive, flash Hard-Drive makes this MC969LL A super fast, you will notice it significantly when it is booting up.

Because this unit does not have movable parts (this is why it is called “solid state”) it helps to make the MC969LL/A less vulnerable to damage compared to one which has a rotating platter hard-drive.

The 11 inch screen is just perfect for my computing needs.

It feels bigger, because I can simply scrolling up and down, back and forth, especially now with the newest OS X Lion Operating System, you can flick with 4 fingers, and flicking between one to another application windows on your screen.

The strong point of this Apple MacBook Air MC969LL A over previous 11 inch MBAs is the i5 sandy bridge processor.

It’s really noticeably quicker at intensive computing tasks, for instance, I have a big program which my previous iMac could process about 15 minutes, and this MC969LL A can compile it in 6.5 minutes, the processor has gotten almost 2x faster.

I am happy with the battery life I get on this machine, of course it depends on what you are doing.

Although I have not scientifically timed it, with basic computing tasks, I can get 7 hours battery life, and with heavy usage, I get 5-6 hours.

It is just awesome I can use my MBA outside quite a lot, and only charging it when I am home, while on my older Windows laptop, I had to charge the machine every 3 hours.

The 2GB of RAM of this MC969LL A is powerful enough to get a really snappy performance, I use it to surf internet, watch HD videos, edit videos, Photoshop, and play basic games, this MBA works very very good.

mc969ll a

The ports of MC969LL/A

Finally the keyboard and trackpad. It has a great full sized backlighted keyboard, and the trackpad is really the best innovation of Macs.

With the trackpad, you can go back and forth with your 3 fingers, clicking with 2 to do right click, and swipe with your 4 fingers to view your entire opened programs or to clear your screen.

The whole trackpad is like a big click mouse, only need to push in my fingers wherever I want to click, it is so perfect in size, it’s twice or may be three times bigger than normal laptops trackpads.

What is the limitation of this MC969LL A model?

The price is a little high, but the it’s worth it, the aluminium unibody is second to none but I wish it has more ports, the two previousUSB ports are still there, and the additional Thunderbolt port seems to be useless for now.

Although it does not hurt to have it, there are no thunderbolt devices out there, except Apple new Thunderbolt display which costs about a thousand dollar.

mc969ll a

MC969LL A Review – In Closing

Overall The Apple MacBook Air MC969LL/A is amazingly fast, intuitive to work with, attractively built and aesthetically stunning. This machine is well worth your money.

I would recommend this MBA if you are looking for a cool designed, fast portable dreammachine you’ve always wanted a PC to be.

No freezing, no pre-installed bloatware, aluminium unibody, crisp screen, superp trackpad, and backlighted keyboard, makes this Apple MacBook Air MC969LL A stands head and shoulders above all the rest.

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