MD311LL/A Review |Apple MacBook Pro 17-Inch Laptop (NEWEST VERSION)

Apple MacBook Pro MD311LL/A Review – Overview

I got this MacBook Pro MD311LL/A a few days ago, and I want to place my review here. (to see other photos of this laptop click here)

First thing that comes to my mind was the price and I thought, “what is so special with it?” I guess everyone is thinking the same..

You can say this MD311LL model is over priced, and you are absolutely right. You can also say it is a great value for what you pay, and you are also not wrong.

In short, theoretically, I would say the price does not really sum up for the specs but it is an Apple’s MacBook Pro, you are actually paying for the brand, quality, Operating System, and a great all around laptop that will last long.


My 17 inch MBP

Setting up the laptop is as fast as bullet, you will not find any animations flying around on your desktop for starting. It will be on about 10-15 seconds, and you will be straight on your desktop, saying all is ready to be used, no need to wait to warm up or anything, you can just use it.

Apple MacBook Pro MD311LL/A Specs, Features, and Limitations

Appearance wise, this machine is gorgeous, sleek and professional looking, although not so much different with the older models, especially with the Apple logo which is illuminated on the back. What I like is the Magsafe feature that comes with its charger. The L formed charger will magnetically attaches to your MBP preventing anyone who can accidentally trip over the cable of your charger.

This is life-safer once in a while, because most of chargers will be damaged if the cord is tripped over.

In terms of processing, this Apple MacBook Pro MD311LL/A has breathtaking performance (thanks to the 2.4GHz quad-core Intel i7 processor and 4gb of RAM), extremely fast, at just everything it performs. There is no lag or delay to start up your applications or finding files, Mac OS X Lion appears to use its resources very well.

Keep in mind, this is a huge laptop, like a tray laptop, but incredibly sturdy, and you won’t find flex with the chassis.

Why did I choose this 17 inch big screen laptop? Well, I know people rather have the 15 inch MacBook Pro which is MD313LL/A because it is lighter than this 17″ MBP. This laptop weighs about 6.6 pounds, and is still way lighter than my previous MBP.

I find 17 inch screen works more effectively for my work, especially because it requires internet research, graphics and writing.

The 17″ LED backlit screen is incredible, my HD videos look more amazing and it provides really beautiful graphics while playing games, very smooth. Viewing photos are like no other, very vibrant, and the colors are brought to life.

Speaking of battery life, it lasts very long, and this is not a lie. Although depending on what you run. For instance, if I switch to the intregated graphics that is well enough for most computing jobs, I can get 6-7 hours without problem with wifi and bluetooth.

You won’t find a perfect laptop, even with this Mac, of course this machine has negatives, but not a deal breaker to me.

The price, you will definitely want to consider twice, because it is not cheap, but it is what you get as the whole package, and the high quality laptop.

You will need to invest more too, but this laptop is absolutely future proof that will last longer, because it is not flimsy at all, very well built.


Apple MacBook Pro MD311LL/A Review – Summary

In closing, you probably still have one question, should you spend $2000 to buy a 17″ MBP? Do it, if you want to experience a phenomenal and powerful laptop with its quad-core i7 processor and dedicated graphics, you must experience it yourself to see what you have been missing.

Apple MacBook Pro MD311LL/A is thoroughly recommended.

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