MD314LL/A Review New MacBook 13″ i7 October 2011 Model

MD314LL/A was released, does Apple seem to have once again surpassed themselves by producing a better portable laptop?

I recently purchased Apple MacBook Pro MD314LL/A 13.3-Inch Laptop in Fall this year (2011) and can not be more pleased. The very first thing you will notice is how sleek this 13.3 laptop looks.

It’s all about its aluminum lightweight unibody, and it does feel very well built, and robust.

I was actually considering about purchasing the MacBook Pro 15 inch or the 13 inch because there is a real big difference on the price.

However I am happy that I decided on this MD314LL model, because the 13″ display is the best for my daily computing needs, and the Intel’s i7 processor is not really necessary to have.

Start up needs about 12-15 seconds, and first of all, one thing you will see is the clean and crisp icons on the dock, and the websites appeared to be incredibly clear.

As soon as you set your laptop in highest settings, the colors are more vibrant and crispier.

I transferred and viewed my pictures collection from my digital camera, and I noticed the colors have been brilliant. You will find no pixel failure which you mainly will have in any other computer’s screen.

MD313LL/A vs MD314LL/A

ModelProcessorHard Drive
MD313LL/A2.4GHz i5500GBmd313ll/a
MD314LL/A2.8GHz i7750GBmd314ll/a


The big difference is the processor and the hard drive, and both MacBooks have integrated Intel 3000 graphics and their keyboard keys are actually chicklet styles, and they provide convenience feeling whenever you type on them.

Another excellent and impressive part is the track pad, you are able to modify various gestures on your mouse pad which will make your navigating experience a much more pleasing.

An important feature about getting a new laptop is definitely the battery life. With this MD314LL/A laptop, I managed to get around 6-7 hours battery life with standard usage and using standard brightness setting.

With some other computers which I ever had in the past, I never experienced this long battery life. My older notebook which was really great, provided around 5-6 hours battery life, but it has weaker speed of the processor, and also the screen was a little smaller than this.

If you still want to use Windows operating system, and you have the Windows 7 disc, you can surely use this MacBook to boot it. You will see the improvement of the whole interface, it’s a lot better with this laptop.

You should be able to use other software like VM fusion or even Parallel 7 to switch between Windows to Mac without even having to restart your system.

MD314LL/A Specs and Performance

There is absolutely nothing negative to say on this machine overall, the new operating system, Lion OSX, 2.8GHz i7 processor, a 750GB hard drive, and integrated Intel 3000 graphics, make the system a great laptop to work with.

The 2.8GHz i7 processor is blasting fast, no lagging issues or speed reduction whenever several programs windows are launched.

After several weeks using, I can already state, that I am very pleased with this MacBook Pro!

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