Missing a temporary folder — uploading image has failed to upload due to an error

Missing a temporary folder error message when i uploaded images.

I am not sure if you ever encountered this, but i did have this message when i wanted to publish my post this morning.

Usually i had no difficulties whatsoever with uploading images. But today, i was so surprised that i couldn’t upload my images in my media tab.

It is my habit that i wrote the post first and then adding images. (see my posts about add image to wordpress and optmise wordpress images before uploading them).

The missing a temporary folder error i have received was read like this:

yourimages.png has failed to upload due to an error Missing a temporary folder.

The text was in red font and bold after you hit “Upload”.

I have tried several times, with flash uploader and also browse uploader but this problem still appeared..

Missing a temporary folder error was still displayed.

Missing a temporary folder — I though about things that can cause it.

I was thinking what may cause this wordpress error message, first of all, some plugins.

So i wanted to disable my plugins all by one, and probably finding the culprit.

Actually i have also checked my “Media settings” if there is some changes there, but all was fine.

To check it, you can look for “Settings” and then “Media”, and find: “Uploading Files” and then “Store uploads in this folder” there will be path where you actually upload your files.

Then i thought is it because of misconfiguration htaccess file or maybe file persmission, or wordpress 3.0.4 bug? then..then.. without being sure how to fix or finding why this unpleasent missing a temporary folder error happened.

These are the screenshots about the errors:

missing a temporary folder

Missing a temporary folder, using browser uploader.

missing a temporary folder

missing a temporary folder using flash uploader.

About the screenshots, it is “sharing” feeling to always take an error screenshots whenever i have one :-)

Though in some cases, i really forget to take some pictures, but mostly i remember.

This i have done because if you have the same problem like i do now, before you modify some “sensitive” files, it sometimes best to wait, because it is not too seldom, our host has something going on which is the reason of small erorrs on our wordpress blog.

My similar experience is also about Error establishing a database connection post.

One thing to learn is, if we are sure we did not change anything, then we should wait.

The fix that solves Missing a temporary folder.

Since i have searched around, both Google, or forums about this related problems, and could not find an exact solution, before disabling one by one of my plugin list, i have decided to contact my blog host, which is JustHost.

Also, because JustHost has a 24/7 live chat supports.

But luckily, after click “Chat Now” button on JustHost, i have tried again to upload my images, and it worked suddenly.

Now it  is working as usual without any problems if i want to upload several pictures.

So i was a little bit confused about it, but i guess it was because of my hosting server.

My tip: Upload your images via FTP while this error is still occuring, don’t change any core files first. (see my post how to upload wordpress files via FTP).

Share us your experience and your possible fix if you ever had this Missing a temporary folder error on your wordpress blog.

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