“Most Searched On Google”

Where to look for new topics or ideas for your wordpress blog.

If i create a new post in this wordpress blog or look for an idea for an article, i was questioning how to find an idea, and it ended with asking mysewlf what the most searched on Google.

I expected to be inspired but there are nothing that related to my blog’s niche. But for some of you, who have different blog topic, this might be useful to find what people are mostly searching on Google.

I notices that it varies and different everyday and it is depending on the recent hot news, like when tsunami happened it was also on the top on the news. This happened the same to other sections, like movies, gossip, blogging, and so on.

But there are useful websites that will give you an idea on what are the most searched thing on Google. Check out these URL and you will be in awe :)


This video explains how you can use google hottrends to earn money!

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