Move “” Blog To Selfhosted

Video tutorial easy to follow that will guide you how to move, switch or migrate from your free blog to selfhosted blog.

A few things you have to prepare before you move your blog to a selfhosted one:

1. You need a domain name. Mostly recommended, put your keywords in this domain name. See more how to create a good blog title or name here.
2. A webhost provider to install wordpress. Find more about how to install wordpress 3.0 here.
3. Read the official guides from website to prepare.

Once you already installed wordpress in your web server, we can start importing blog to our selfhosted blog.

Here are the steps to move “” blog to a selfhosted one:
1. In your admin page, which is usually, Go to “Tools” and “Export”.

2. Set the filters, either from the specific post dates, or authors, or all of your posts. In the video tutorial below, i have chosen all of the posts. Click “Download Export File” Save it in your computer, in this case i saved in my desktop.

3. Now we go to your selfhosted blog dashboard, you can access it in: Go to “Tools” and then “Import”.

4. It will ask you from which platform you want to import, in our case, click “WordPress”. It will then ask us to install wordpress importer. Click “Install Now”

5. Click “Activate Plugin & Run Importer”.

6. We should be reading “Import WordPress” page, and browse our imported xml file from our blog earlier. In this case, it is located in my desktop.
Note: About maximun size, it depends on our webhost. If your file is too big, contact your webhost, they should solve your problem.

7. Once you find the file, Click “Open” and in dashboard, click “Upload and Import”.

8. Next step is we have to assign Authors. You want to use old author name in or change the author to your selfhosted blog’s author. If you want to use your current selfhosted blog’s Author, go to “map to exisiting” and in pull down menu, choose the author name.

9. Tick “Download and import file attachments”, so that you can also import images from your old blog. Click “Submit”. Finger crossed, let’s hope we can import it successfully without any problems.
If all works fine, you will see the successful notification of importing proccess.

The last step, is refresh your selfhosted wordpress blog and see if your posts are all there. The images and the content should be imported.

So, that’s how we can migrate or move free blog to a selfhosted one, have fun with your new blog, and you might check my wordpress tips that you may want to do after installing wordpress.


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