Move WordPress To The Root

How to move wordpress files from a subfolder or subdirectory in your webserver to the root.

After i made a video guide how we move our wordpress from the root to a subfolder or subdirectory, this screencast inspires me making this video about moving wordpress to the root.

I personally would prefer having all my wordpress files in a subfolder but there are things you should consider before you move to your blog to different folder or directory:
1. Check the destination directory, and make sure, that you don’t have same files.
2. You must know that it will hurt your SEO because the permalinks or the links that you have built, will obviously change.

Excuse my voice as I caught a bit flu :(

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  1. cah ndeso says

    Very interactive, great information and can be used as reference material for beginner bloggers.
    This tips are reverse of the previous tips. Something like that?

  2. darahbiroe says

    makasih banget
    tutorialnya nuy
    sangat bermanfaat

    berkunjung dan ditunggu kunjungan baliknya

    • says

      Hey darahbiroe, Thanks ya, udah berkunjung ;D bentar lagi berkunjung ke tempat kamu haha,
      salam dari Jerman :D

  3. cah ndeso says

    come back at night. I hope you stay healthy state.
    want to give a little information, google pagerank update held today. and pagerank this blog is 2
    .-= cah ndeso┬┤s last blog ..NgeBlog bersama Free Domain dan Free Hosting =-.

  4. says

    Very helpful video. Will bookmark this for future reference.
    Will check out your other videos.
    If you can make more videos on SEO, that would be great.

    • says

      @Ata, Thank you for the encouranging comment :D I would love to learn more and post some videos in the future.

  5. pondicherry says

    hi dina , once again thanks, nice video and i was searching you can my site, i moved from main domain to subdomain, thanks

  6. rbrianforrester says

    Thanks for this post. I was setting up a temporary wordpress site for a client while we build out his new site and this tutorial saved the day. Now I’ve got an SEO friendly wordpress site in the root folder doing some work while we complete work on the final design. Sweet!

    By the way, some of the other videos I found on this subject were no where near as clear, simple and fast as your was! Thanks again.

    • says

      Hey John!

      Welcome to this blog.

      Well this tutorial is not for your case.

      This tutorial is moving from a subfolder to the root, let’s say, your older blog address was,, and you want to change it to

      and not without www. to a site with www.

      To achieve what you want to change, I have wrote this:

      That’s exactly what you need, but only if you are familiar with htaccess file, otherwise, you shouldn’t play with it.

      I suggest you to contact your host for a help.

      I hope this helps