MSI GT683DXR-427US Review |MSI GT683DXR-427US 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop – Black

MSI GT683DXR-427US Overview

I had this MSI GT683DXR-427US for a week today, and I’m thrilled with this beast (or must I say a desktop replacement) .

Having changed my home computer into work computer, I wanted a home desktop for playing games on.

After searching at the numerous alternatives I decided for this MSI gaming laptop.

It’s really an excellent product, smartly designed, robust, features a couple of good extras (though they aren’t dealbreakers but still nice), and the most important, it handles everything I have thrown at it beautifully. (Here is where I got mine a bit cheaper)

This machine is extremely quick to set up after you take it out of the box, I needed only five minutes to boot and get the computer to be ready to use.

This machine comes with a bunch of preinstalled games, but unfortunately, there was one which I actually like to play.

msi gt683dxr-427us

Furthermore, I am very pleased with the laptop’s gaming performance. I have played Battlefield Bad Company 2, played with the highest setting.

As someone who is familiar with this game will also confirm, it is one of the demanding game.

I played the game on 1600×900 resolution and I could run fluid gameplay without performance reduction (tested with single mode and multiplayer mode).

Also have tried the World of Warcraft with the ultra settings, it plays flawless. I played this game in cities, it played very smooth with no hitch or freezing frame.

The graphic is just very nice with amazing resolution.

MSI GT683DXR-427US Review – Specs and other features

The very important feature of such gaming or entertainment laptops is the audio or sound.

I must mention that the audio system of this MSI GT683DXR-427US 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop – Black is incredibly wonderful!. The sound is perhaps the best sound system of a laptop I have heard.

I played some songs, it doesn’t matter how low or high, it gave me a crisp and very clear sound.

The Dynaudio really works, this sound system makes me feel I am in the game, also when you watch a movie, it makes you are in the movie, just amazing sound system.

The keyboard is also one feature that I really like the most with the unit. This MSI GT683DXR-427US black gaming laptop has really nice keyboard.

The keys are well placed, have enough space, makes easier to type on.

The keypad is included, which I personally thing a nice bonus since most of 15 inch gaming laptops don’t include one.

There are also arrows marks on the keys, actually you can spot that it is a gaming laptop by seeing the red left and right arrow, or forward and backward arrows on the keyboard.

msi gt683dxr-427us
The arrow marked keys and hotkeys above keyboard

I like these arrows marks, because it is so much easier when you want to use moving keys while you are playing games.

The backlit hotkeys on top of keyboard are helpful (there are full fan, eco and turbo mode and also lighting options buttons), and I actually them often, you can turn the lights on and off actually, they looks good when they are on!

If you prefer, you can have LED lighting on this machine, which really looks good especially at night or low lighting condition.

The fan is truly amazing, when I played a game on my older machine, it would be really hot after 25 minutes, but I played a game on this machine for about 2 hours and it stayed cool.

Although to some, the laptop’s fan is pretty loud, but I could really barely hear the fan while gaming, especially when you have headphones, you will not even notice the fan is actually on.

MSI GT683DXR-427US Review Summary

This laptop is definitely one of the best gaming laptop for gamers available, another impressive element is the decent battery life for a gaming laptop, I could manage to get 3-3.5 hours battery life without actually decreasing the screen’s brightness.

msi gt683dxr-427us

The included 16gigs of RAM is enough to spot the massive difference over the standard 12gb gaming laptops.

The 1TB hard drive in raid is obviously not as fast as an SSD, but it is definitely still faster than a solo hard drive, the included USB 3.0 port is a big plus too.

This machine is perhaps the best gaming machine you can buy at $1700 range, featuring the Intel Core i7-2630QM processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570M with 1.5GB VRAM, fast and huge storage, MSI GT683DXR-427US is the ultimate entertainment and computer gaming solution.

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